Fitness world watch out CBD products made their way into the fitness community in a big way recently.

Cannabis could be the new secret weapon to boost your fitness game to a whole new level with better recovery time and pain-free extra sets. Though scientific backing and testing are still out some fitness enthusiasts claim that cannabis is a game changer for their fitness routines. Cannabinoids are well renowned for their healing power for muscle strains and chronic pain. Cannabidiol products can also intercept signals of pain by muffling receptors in the brain. CBD for centuries now has been used to treat chronic pain and inflammation it’s just now going mainstream in the states but foreign countries have been using it for years. CBD can also distract you from the pain, so you can stay focused and balanced throughout the day or fitness routine. It also reduces inflammation in hard to reach areas because it can be directly applied to the skin in a CBD cream or balm.

Unlike THC, CBD isn’t psychoactive, therefore it can have a pleasant effect on your mood without getting you “stoned.” Evidence has shown that cannabis can heighten your enjoyment while performing repetitive motions which can also be a huge asset for bodybuilders. Fitness activities such as the treadmill, spinning, jogging, can also become more enjoyable. With CBD you could experience faster recovery time when weight lifting, so then you can work harder and get back out on the field faster as well. It’s a new age in sports medicine my friends, say goodbye to those aches and pains and hello to CBDipedia for all your CBD oil and hemp oil shopping needs!

“I wish I had known about the benefits of CBD much earlier.” – David Ahrens, 60, retired NFL linebacker.

“I believe in all of the healing properties of this plant so much that I went out and purchased a 64-acre farm and submitted an application to Health Canada back in 2013,” he said. Currently, he’s working to turn that farm into medical cannabis that could help others for years to come. – Ryan VandenBussche, 46, retired NHL enforcer.

“We were given opiates by team doctors. Looking back, I’m surprised I’m still alive.” – Ryan VandenBussche professional hockey player.