Fake companies and low-quality products are easily put into circulation due to the e-commerce market. These unreputable companies try to undercut premium quality products and label them as the same thing in order to boost sales and twist your favor. The race horse medication business is the same way. Equine Medcare, Best Equine Meds, and Universal Vet Supplies are three examples of fake companies attempting to steal your money with low-quality products. They are attempting to take away business from trustworthy companies like Race Horse Meds.

Many people go to Race Horse Meds in order to find the highest quality products at a good rate with plenty of reputable proof to back them up. However, recently there have been three fake companies in particular that are trying to steal business away by copying these products, and selling cheaper lower-quality versions to honest people.


Fake Horse Med Companies


Companies see success from another and try to take their business with low-quality cheaper products. Also, they attempt to copy the entire site layout of Race Horse Meds in order to make a familiar website. If you check out Best Equine Meds’ “About Us” page, it is an identical copy to Race Horse Meds. Best Equine Meds is a scam of a website out to steal your money and give you a terrible product in return. They use similar labels and products to Race Horse Meds in order to boost the familiarity of the customers that go through their site. If you browse through the two websites, you’ll see how unbelievably similar the two are. Equine Medcare and Universal Pet Supplies are no different. They’ve seen the success that Race Horse Meds has through their premium products and are attempting to take their business. Worst part about it? Their products are low quality and could even harm your treasured animals.


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Equine Medcare is Trying to Steal Your Money


First of all, Equine Medcare is a terribly put together site. If you take your time and browse around, most of the information contradicts each other and tries to lead you to the shopping cart as quickly as possible. A professional business shouldn’t be using “WhatsApp” as their contact information. This is a very scandalous phone app that people use often for deceiving and lying to people. It allows them to keep their actual contact details hidden in case you needed to contact them. According to their site, they have a “return policy.” Two separate pages dedicated to saying that they do not accept any returns. These pages are identical and worst of all, they point you in the direction of ANOTHER FAKE WEBSITE. Here is their lie of a policy:

“We do not refund import denials, possible seizure or shipping cost.  horsemedcare.com assumes no responsibility with respect to these procedures or any tariffs, duties, or other such restrictions & charges imposed and/or enforced by the destination country.”

If you didn’t catch the mistake, they listed “horsemedcare.com.” Their site is EQUINE MEDCARE. In order to make it so they have no responsibility over their shipped items, they point you into yet ANOTHER fake website. This company is a fake, a scam and should be shut down before people start losing their money to these thieves.



Universal Pet Supplies is a Shifty Business and CANNOT Be Trusted


This site followed suit with Equine Medcare. Once again, the entire “About Us” page is almost identical to the Premium Quality Race Horse Meds website. Furthermore, this site looks as if it was made by someone who has never used an e-commerce website. Their shop is littered with pictures that looked to have been copied and pasted from Race Horse Meds. All of these product pictures don’t even come with a description! They have a very tiny sentence of what it is, attempting to reinforce your confidence that it will help your animals. After that, they just put a slice through a price and put an incredibly low number for a product that would cost more than that to make! It doesn’t even make sense how they are trying to market these low-quality or even fake products!

Universal Pet Supplies is attempting to scam you for your credit card/bank account information. After that they will send you a product that could very well be rat poison and harm your animals. If you see a site such as this attempting to be contacted through a phone app for more information, it’s a pretty dead giveaway that they are a FAKE and a FRAUD.


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Best Equine Meds is a Scam


Best Equine Meds is also a SCAM. Their products, and even their entire website, is almost an IDENTICAL COPY to Race Horse Meds. This site hasn’t even been updated recently and it looks as though it has been abandoned of all maintenance for YEARS! Their last blog is from 3 years ago… According to their customer feedback, there is none! Except for what looks to be a fake account from a “furniture client” that would have no business even looking around this type of business.

Although this site is put together much better than the other two FRAUDS, Equine Medcare and Universal Pet Supplies, this one is also a scam! On their shop page, their product images no longer even exist. There is no way a proper, reputable and reliable company would do this. Best Equine Meds put up a bunch of pretty images to catch your eye. They also accept all forms of modern payment such as bitcoin if you’re willing to get scammed out of your e-wallet. DO NOT TRUST BEST EQUINE MEDS!


Race Horse Meds, Reputable, Honest and Premium Products


If you’re looking for a reliable source of medicine and supplements for your thoroughbreds, Race Horse Meds has the highest quality products available. They have plenty of reputation through the thoroughbred industry and plenty of descriptions and customer ratings for all of their products. Do not be fooled by the fake companies that are trying to steal your money like Best Equine Meds, Universal Pet Supplies and Equine Medcare (Horse Medcare?).