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SFL Media is a Federally Trademarked and Protected Brand


Welcome to SFL Media News website.

Please read the following trademark warning carefully before using our logo, website, name, colors, design, or likeness.

SFL Media News is a registered trademark of our company, and we take our trademark rights seriously. Unauthorized use of our trademark, including our name or logo, in any way that is likely to cause confusion or deceive consumers, is strictly prohibited by law. This includes the use of our trademark in any form of advertising, promotional materials, or other commercial activities. We reserve the right to take legal action against anyone who violates our trademark rights, including seeking damages and injunctive relief. Additionally, we may request that search engines remove any unauthorized use of our trademark from their search results. If you are interested in using our trademark for any purpose, you must obtain written permission from SFL Media Firm LLC. Please contact us at [email protected] to request permission.

If you infringe on the SFL Media trademark, the company may take legal action against you. The possible consequences of trademark infringement can include:

  1. Cease and Desist Letter: The first step in enforcing trademark rights is typically a cease and desist letter. This is a legal letter sent by the trademark owner demanding that the infringing party immediately stop using the trademark. The letter may also request that the infringing party provide information about the extent of their use of the trademark.
  2. Lawsuit: If the infringing party does not comply with the cease and desist letter, the trademark owner may file a lawsuit. The lawsuit can seek monetary damages, injunctive relief to prevent further use of the trademark and even attorney fees.
  3. Financial Damages: If you are found liable for trademark infringement, you may be ordered to pay monetary damages to the trademark owner. These damages can include profits the infringing party made as a result of using the trademark, as well as any damages the trademark owner suffered because of the infringement.
  4. Loss of Business or Reputation: Infringing on a trademark can damage the reputation of the infringing party and harm their business. In some cases, a court may order the infringing party to pay additional damages to the trademark owner for any harm caused by the infringement.

It is important to respect the intellectual property rights of others, including their trademarks, to avoid the potential legal and financial consequences of infringement. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us protect our valuable trademark rights.


Registered Federal Trademark: SFL Media

Registered Trademark Owner: Patrick Zarrelli

Registered Serial Number: 97498138


SFL Media Federal Trademark