Wow, isn’t life crazy!

I just finished this brand new media website for my company and wouldn’t you know it…

Some deadbeat orthodontist named Chris Freeman DDS and his wife try to pull an unethical schyster move on me right before the fourth of July.

Like, talk about timing. So now instead of the first news article on my brand new media conglomerate website being about politics, sports, or some other national news. I get to write about an unethical business operator in Bayview Park, Fort Lauderdale named Chris Freeman DDS. Who had the audacity to actually try and screw me over via the internet! Me, Patrick Zarrelli!? A media member and team leader of one of the best tech teams in the country. Think about the ego on a person dumb enough to try and rip me off via the internet folks. Think how stupid that person would have to be to try and bully me via a third party website. Well, that extremely stupid person actually exists in this world and he is, of course, our article’s anti-hero Chris Freeman the owner of the Second Wind Yacht Charter business in Fort Lauderdale.

Everyone in the Fort Lauderdale, Bayview Park, and yachting communities gather round and meet Chris Freeman and his wonderfully unethical wife. The operators of a catamaran style motor yacht called the Second Wind, that’s docked in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. These two yacht charter fraudsters, it would seem would have to be two of the dumbest people to ever log on to the internet, because they totally screwed me and my friends over royally on

My Second Wind yacht charter nightmare at the hands of Chris Freeman started over a month ago…

When I began my search for a yacht to charter for the fourth of July holiday. Being a political podcast host, journalist, and proud American. The fourth of July seemed like a naturally perfect time to throw a yacht party for me and a few friends. So I researched the charter boats in the area on and came across a catamaran named the Second Wind owned and operated by a man named Chris Freeman and his wife. I messaged the owner Chris Freeman and he told me the boat was wonderful and that it was available for charter on the fourth of July.

Based on this, I rented the boat for the holiday and I was charged full price on the very spot, over $3,600.00 dollars. Chris Freeman messaged me a little while after I booked and thanked me for the Second Wind Yacht Charter reservation. Then everything changed almost instantly. As soon as Chris Freeman had our money, he began to hit us up with a sea of unending upcharge requests. Effectively peeling back the layers of service he initially described on Boat Setter and showed boat setter users in his pictures. The upcharge requests were especially complicated because provides no place for us to pay for such upcharges on their website. We had just been charged the full price of $3,670.00 as well as a $500 dollar deposit. There was no place for us to log back in on and rent the supplies Chris Freeman said we needed on the yacht for our charter. Things like snorkels…

Warning: Second Wind Yacht Charter – Chris Freeman – Awful Experience

A short time after booking the yacht charter on the Second Wind in Fort Lauderdale, Chris Freeman announced to us that the Jet Ski that sits on the back of the boat and is pictured in his listing is now an extra charge. He asked if we would like to use it and pay an extra $300. Obviously, after paying nearly $4,000 for the charter (which would soon also be more money), the idea of paying more for the yacht’s already attached Jet Ski that’s in the listing pictures seemed cheap, tacky, and unprofessional to say the least. Never the less, I was not going to let that stand in the way of our fourth of July jet ski fun. So I agreed to the jet ski upcharge without any fuss at all.

Chris Freeman then asked me where we would like to go on my Second Wind yacht charter in Fort Lauderdale. I told him we would just like to go somewhere we could drop anchor swim, snorkel, and ride the jet ski he just charged us to use. Literally, the worlds easiest yacht charter ever booked. Easy on fuel, easy on the captain, and easy on the vessel. Chris Freeman, the owner of the Second wind motor yacht, then tells me that guess what? Snorkels are extra too! This guy is literally trying to upcharge us for snorkels and a jet ski that are already sitting on the yacht we chartered. Imagine the audacity of panhandling for snorkel rentals on a $4,000 a day yacht charter? That’s the Freeman family in a nutshell. Never the less, not wanting to start a fuss and wanting to have a good holiday. I agreed to the second set of upcharges even though I had already paid full price for the Second Wind yacht rental and placed a full security deposit. Chris Freeman at this point tells me he will get me a new price with all of my add-ons (the jet ski and three sets of snorkels).

Then Chris Freeman disappears for over three weeks. 

During this time I message Chris Freeman multiple times.

Having just been put through the petty upcharge rigmarole. I wanted some more information from Chris Freeman and honestly, I began to be very worried about the charter and the ethics of the charter company since no one was responding to us on Let’s remember I did not even have a new price with all the extras they charged me yet. I had also paid the full price already on Boat Setter and a $500.00 security deposit and now the owner Chris Freeman is not even responding at all.

Finally,  a few days before the charter Chris Freeman appears online on and he claims that he wrote us a response to our questions but forgot to send them to us. Sure, OK whatever Chris… So we asked Chris Freeman if we could have 14 guests on the 51-foot yacht we chartered. Florida law says that charters should only have 12 guests. However, if it is the owner taking out his own boat which in this scenario it is. Then Florida law allows for up to 30 guests. So this is something we wanted to clarify pre-trip having a guest list of seven couples some from South Florida and others flying in from New York and New Jersey. We wanted to make absolutely sure we had the correct amount of people for the charter when we showed up on the fourth.

Chris Freeman of Second Wind Yachts then decided to deny our extra couple attendance on the charter. He said that even though it was his yacht he would not allow us to have more than 12 guests. He then gave us a very childish speech about counting out 12 guests and including my self, the renter, in the count. As if we do not know how to count to 12 properly on our own without his advanced assistance. The whole conversation was off-putting, childish, and unprofessional. I had already prepaid for the yacht and this jerk was talking to me like I’m five years old. Little does he know, that I have been chartering yachts in Fort Lauderdale for many years. I was also a member of the Fort Lauderdale Yacht Club and have placed in the Fort Lauderdale Holiday Yacht Parade on three different occasions. On one occasion we won the entire Holiday Yacht Parade! So I literally probably have more yachting experience than this dingbat owner who is trying to panhandle snorkels on the side of his yacht like a homeless person and who is now insulting me a fully paid customer.

Never the less through all of these upcharges I held my tongue.

I just wanted everyone to have a great holiday especially since people had bought plane tickets and were flying down for the event.

Finally, right before the charter, I reach out the Chris Freeman and Second Wind Yacht charters and I ask him where we can be picked up for our charter. I furthered that our guest’s most central location for pick up would be in Boca Raton. The Second Wind catamaran yacht is actually docked in North Fort Lauderdale, so we are not talking about a far distance at all. Chris Freeman flat out refuses to pick us up for our yacht charter! He says we have to meet him where the boat is docked presumably behind his house in Fort Lauderdale. Meet him at his house for an over $1,000 dollar an hour rental! He also says we owe him a thousand more dollars if we would like the boat form 11 am to 2 pm as planned. At this point after all the yacht up charges and refusal to pick us up for our charter at our location. I had to tell Chris Freeman how I felt about his upcharges and selfish customer service practices. I explained to him that we had been chartering yachts down here for years and never experienced this type of customer service issues and repeated upcharges.

Chris Freeman being the unprofessional scumbag of the sea that he is, then maliciously canceled our entire trip, even though we had agreed to every one of his unethical upcharges costing us well over an extra couple thousand dollars.

Currently, our fourth of July trip is canceled and all of our money is gone. Chris Freeman never delivered even item one of the things we paid for on The total amount currently lost is over $4,000 dollars and the fourth of July is in just a few mere days.

With airfare bought, the full price of the charter paid up front, and an army of upcharges agreed too. Chris Freeman intentionally screwed all of us over for no other reason than pure greed and selfishness. As he indulged in a ridiculously unprofessional yacht charter ego trip, customer service breakdown, and adult yacht owner temper tantrum. You have to ask yourself why is Chris Freeman and the Second Wind Yacht even in the customer service business if they hate all their customers? As a frequent charterer down here I’m so sick of phony ass fake rich people like this buying yachts they can’t afford. Then running an unethical charter buses to try and pay for it all. It’s freaking pathetic! If you can’t afford to have a yacht without up-charging for it, then don’t buy it you bums! If you can’t run a charter business without ripping people off and ruining vacations, then don’t run one you freaking nautical deadbeats! Instead, these oceanic grifters are forced to rent their yacht to pay for their over expenditures, when they don’t want to, because they want to pretend they can actually afford the yacht. So all of their customers are seen as an intrusion to their fake rich life and thus treated terribly as a result.

Well sorry, buddy you don’t get to go around and take $4,000 in payments and then treat people like shit. You certainly don’t get to rip my friends and me off without it hitting the media. I have honestly never been so offended by or treated so poorly in the Fort Lauderdale yachting community before. I accept a level of shade in yacht chartering business but nothing like the maliciously greedy and selfish Chris Freeman family and their ultra shady charter operation for the Second Wind. This man is a disgrace to the entire Fort Lauderdale yachting community and the esteemed Bayview Park neighborhood. Run do not walk from this vessel folk! This man is a terrible host, human being, and yacht owner. Do not waste your time trying to do business with them you will regret it. There are way better companies out there who value their customers and their hard earned money. Sign up with one of them! Not the Chris Freeman Second Wind Yacht charters hidden costs scam fest. Fort Lauderdale yachter beware! This guy would charge his own mother for a glass of tap water he is so cheap. Chris Freeman and his wife are literally the worst human beings in yachting.

If you have had a bad experience or have information on Chris Freeman, his crazy wife who files fake police reports instead of giving customer service (a misdemeanor or a felony depending on who you ask), or the Second Wind Yacht Charters. Then please leave it in the comments or contact us at 1-888-HIRE-DWM.

Let us know how you feel about shady yacht bums like this in the comments! The more comments the better the article will rank under their names, everyone. So lets comment this one up and get it to the top of their search results as they deserve. This way other boaters will know not to boat with them!!!