Be careful everyone, Wyndham Hotels is selling timeshare rentals as hotel rooms. If you’re unlucky enough to be stuck in one for your vacation, then expect the worst customer service in the Solar System!


My Personal Experience Was With,

The Wyndham Margaritaville St. Thomas

Do not walk, run from this hotel and property, it is a total nightmare!!!
Hotel staff is useless and will not help you if you call. They don’t even do their own reservations.
Wyndham customer care is a foreign answering service that hangs up on everyone.
Margaritaville owner care is rude locals who don’t want to help owners or guests.
Margaritaville is not a real resort it’s a timeshare community.

Wyndham Margaritaville doesn’t even do their own reservations they use this weirdo third party company (or subsidiary as they claim) called Extra Holidays. Which doesn’t even make English grammatical sense? But, worse off sells timeshare rentals and is not a real hotel or traditional vacation resort. So that should set the tone for your whole experience with Wyndham Margaritaville. Imagine the customer and guest service you get from a junky timeshare company? That’s gonna be your vacation and reservation experience times one hundred if you book at Wyndham Margaritaville.

I booked my reservation at the Wyndham Margaritaville St. Thomas on Then Hurricane Dorian came rolling through and all the flights got canceled. So I rescheduled my flights with zero problems. Then I called and they said I could not book a room on my new dates. Because the reservations allotted to their website for that check-in day are gone. Great, customer service, making your customers go website to website looking for rooms. Margaritaville St. Thomas is a total joke!

So I called the number on Wyndham Margaritaville’s Google listing and guess what? They don’t take reservations at the hotel for that hotel! I mean get real… So the lady gives me a new number that is the Wyndham Margaritaville reservation line she says. When I call it, I get a lady on the phone named Patty who flat our refuses to help me. She says “this line is for owners only.” She refuses to even transfer me or provide me with any information. Margaritaville St. Thomas is like a black hole for customer service.

At this point, I called Wyndham corporate and they informed me this is a separate property, not really a Wyndham, more of a timeshare. That they also have all types of problems with… I was then passed to a nice lady high up at Wyndham corporate who told me she was going to fix all of this. She said she was going to call down to the hotel and set everything up and I simply had to call 1-866-645-4775 and they would be ready to help me and have my information on hand. When I called a few minutes later a girl named Nakisha answered. She had no idea what I was talking about and refused to help me at all. She would not even let me speak to a manager or give me the proper number to call. She was the rudest customer service rep I have ever experienced in the hotel industry.

At this point, I was forced to call Wyndham corporate again and this time I was connected to customer care and a foreign lady answered and transferred me to her supervisor. The supervisor attempted to help me and it seemed like she was going to be able to help me book the hotel. But then she either hung up or I was disconnected. OMG!!! She did tell me though that this Wyndham is independently owned and operated. So there is that as well. The owners obviously have zero hotel or customer service experience or they wouldn’t have journalists like me lambasting them all over the internet and social media after receiving piss poor customer service.

During the awful experience, I called Wyndham guest services multiple times and was treated terribly by there foreign call center. That hung up on me multiple times and put me in a holding loop for over thirty minutes without ever coming back on the line. The Wyndham reps at Wyndham corporate in Canada were all very sweet but could not help me. They were bound by the stupid relationship that Wyndham corporate has forged with these unethical and junky timeshare companies. Margaritaville refused to help me at all. While Extra Holidays the company that unethically put the timeshares on in the first place. Was also impossible to get any help from. In the end, I lost almost $1,000 in plane tickets and the trip had to be abandon.

So… Go to Wyndham Margaritaville if you wanted to be belittled, treated terribly, ignored, not helped, hung up on and basically treated like poop for simply trying to spend money on a vacation at their property. I repeat run, do not walk from Wyndham Margaritaville it’s a total disorganized nightmare. I still haven’t got my refund back for my room either! Call their number on Google and try to make a reservation I dare you! Worst travel booking experience of my entire life.

Also, Wyndham customer care is a foreign call center than hangs up on everyone and laughs at you in the background. Totally demeaning and completely offsetting customer experience with Wyndham guest service. I’d rather die than set foot in a Wyndham after dealing with their guest services call center. They hung up on me four times and left me on hold for hours. Go to hell Wyndham you suck and you shouldn’t even be associated with shady timeshare companies. you should be ashamed of yourselves. Wyndham = Timeshares, not hotels. You’ve all been warned, book accordingly!

Wyndham Hotels had an employee responded to my article by trying to pawn the bad press off on a smaller corporation of theirs. But, that just shows what a pathetic and desperately fractured hotel chain Wyndham really is, do they even know who they are in their own industry?  Doesn’t seem like it. They seem lost as can be. See below:

“Hello. Thank you for contacting us. The property you are referring to is not directly associated with Wyndham Hotels and Resorts. They are connected with Wyndham Destinations. You can reach Wyndham Destinations at