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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s recent bid for President has been making headlines. Also, in the news, we have the Ukraine war, which continues to rage on. Many have been wondering what the Democratic presidential candidate would have in mind concerning Ukraine. While Biden loyalists see President Joe Biden’s policy on the Ukraine War as a sensible approach, other people from the left and the right are taking interest in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s ideas on how to handle the situation in Ukraine. Unfortunately, many have found that his approach could be too lenient on Russian President Vladimir Putin. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is concerned that pressing Putin too hard on the Ukraine issue could backfire by encouraging Russia to embrace China and increase the odds of a nuclear exchange. On the other hand, there are many who believe that Donald Trump poses the greatest risk of prompting a nuclear war if elected. 

While things are certainly getting heated, it’s important to send a strong message to Putin and make it clear that the United States is still a champion of democracy and that we will defend other democratic nations from bullies. Is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. the best solution for Ukraine and American interests? Or is President Joe Biden? From what we have seen during Biden’s presidency thus far, it’s reasonable to argue that President Joe Biden would remain the best choice. Under his steady direction, we have actually made a great deal of progress in Ukraine. Perhaps what the world needs right now more than ever is stability. With wild card candidates like Donald Trump rocking the boat, many would prefer the peace that Biden’s presidency has brought. That said, America still needs to take a stronger stance against Putin’s increasingly aggressive Russian expansionism, which means we need a leader with strength.

Why the United States Needs to Take a Strong Stance Against Putin and Russian Expansionism 

The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia has raised concerns worldwide, especially in the United States. The Russian Federation, under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, has been expanding its territorial ambitions, annexing Crimea and supporting separatist movements in Ukraine. This aggression has destabilized the region, prompting the United States to take a strong stance against Putin and Russian expansionism.

Let’s explore some of the most compelling reasons why the United States needs to take a strong stance against Putin:

Firstly, the expansionist policies of the Putin regime pose a direct threat to the sovereignty of neighboring countries, which means the United States cannot remain idle while such aggression takes place. Russian expansion into Eastern Europe could put its borders uncomfortably close to Western Europe, potentially fuelling a much more devastating conflict. The annexation of Crimea and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have resulted in thousands of deaths, displacement of civilians, and a significant humanitarian crisis. The US must recognize that the situation in Ukraine is not just a regional issue but an international concern that requires a particularly strong response. Secondly, Russia’s expansionism and interference in the political affairs of other countries could threaten global stability and the individual freedoms of millions. The Putin regime has been accused of interfering in democratic elections in the United States and Europe, using disinformation campaigns and cyber-attacks to sway public opinion. Such activities undermine democratic institutions and pose a risk to the global order. A strong stance from the United States is necessary to send a clear message that such interference will not be tolerated.

Thirdly, the United States has a responsibility to uphold international law and norms. The annexation of Crimea and the invasion of Ukraine violate international law and threaten the stability of the international order. The US must demonstrate its commitment to international law and take a strong stance against these violations. Finally, failure to act against Russian expansionism will embolden other authoritarian regimes to take similar actions. A strong response from the United States will send a message that aggression and violation of international law will not be ignored. Such a response could deter other countries from pursuing similar policies.

The Dangers of Letting Tyrannical Bullies Unchecked 

The history of the world is replete with examples of tyrannical bullies who were allowed to operate unchecked and caused immense suffering and destruction. From the rise of Nazi Germany to the genocides in Rwanda and Cambodia, the consequences of ignoring the actions of such tyrants can be devastating. In the case of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his aggressive campaign to conquer Ukraine, the dangers of letting him go unchecked cannot be overstated. Allowing Putin to continue his aggressive campaign in Ukraine sets a dangerous precedent for other authoritarian leaders. If the international community fails to hold Putin accountable for his actions, other leaders may be emboldened to pursue similarly aggressive policies in other regions, leading to a destabilization of the global order. If Putin is allowed to continue this behavior without repercussions, it could undermine the foundations of international law and the peaceful coexistence of nations.

Putin’s actions have already caused immense suffering for the people of Ukraine. The ongoing conflict has resulted in thousands of deaths, displacement of civilians, and a humanitarian crisis. Failure to hold Putin accountable for his actions is tantamount to ignoring the plight of the Ukrainian people and allowing their suffering to continue. In closing, Putin’s aggressive policies also pose a threat to the security of the United States and its allies. Candidates like presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy are hesitant to challenge Putin. Such hesitation could prove to be more damaging than confronting him directly, as allowing Putin to go unchecked could lead to further aggression against other countries and potentially result in a major conflict. As the presidential election of 2024 slowly creeps closer, we should remember that when we vote, we don’t only vote for the next President of the United States; we vote for the future of our world. Considering the massive amount of power that U.S. Presidents have at their disposal, it would be imprudent not to take the bigger picture into account when we hit the polls. When we cast our votes, we can make a choice, one that can reverberate far beyond our shores and make a difference for people around the world. 


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