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Vladimir Putin’s Intel Officer Defects

According to multiple major news sources, Russian President/Dictator Vladimir Putin’s security service officer responsible for setting up his secure communications has defected.

In the first interview since his defection in October, Gleb Karakulov, a captain in the Federal Protection Service (FSO) referred to Vladimir Putin as a “war criminal” saying that since the invasion of Ukraine, “he simply could not be in the service of this president.” He went on to say “It is time to end this war and stop being silent.” Karakulov worked as a communications engineer in the department that provided secret communications for Putin. He was personally responsible for setting up secure communications for the Russian president wherever and whenever he traveled. He attended in total over 180 trips abroad with Putin during his service to the Russian President.

The Defection of Gleb Karakulov

In his interview, Karakulov told the Dossier Center group that he was able to defect on October 14 after a business trip to Kazakhstan on which his wife and daughter accompanied him. On the last day of the trip, the young family flew to Istanbul with no intention of ever returning to Russia. Their flight was temporarily delayed so they all turned off their phones and prayed it wasn’t delayed to stop them from getting out. Eventually, they were able to board and take off without incident or discovery by the Russian or Turkish authorities.

Gleb Karakulov Russian Defector

Secrets The Defector Told Us About Putin

1. Putin does not use a cell phone or the internet, not even for a second. So this has left him in a complete vacuum of no new information. Imagine never going on the web, do you know how behind humanity you would be in terms of information and communication? Way too far behind to lead a major nuclear power that’s for sure!

2. Putin is healthy as a horse and is rarely sick. In fact, he has only canceled a couple of events in the past few years due to his health and has essentially put himself inside a covid free bubble since the pandemic started.

3. Putin travels by secret train disguised to look like any other train. After the invasion of Ukraine Putin got even more paranoid and had a passenger train all decked out to be his secret way of traveling. On the outside, it’s just a regular old silver train with a red stripe like any train you would see out on the railways. But inside it’s armored and set up for presidential transport. Putin prefers the train because he believes it can’t be tracked.

4. Putin has identical offices at multiple locations. This is so that Putin can claim he is in one place when he is really in another. The look-alike offices give him cover to claim to be in the Kremlin let’s say when he is really in a completely different and much safer part of the country.

5. Putin had a bunker decked out with secure communications recently. For the first time in Karakulov’s career, Putin asked him to set up communications in a bunker at the Russian embassy in Kazakhstan.

Russian FSO

What is Russia’s FSO or Federal Protection Service?

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