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There’s a revolution among the crafting community in South Florida and it’s going to be big! With the holidays coming up, everyone is scrambling for gift ideas. We all have that one person in our lives that just can’t be pleased either because they already have everything or they just seem to hate anything that you come up with. 

The crafting community in South Florida is changing all of that as they have started making people’s lives easier by creating a plethora of unique new items that are sure to please the pickiest of people right up to the Grinch himself. Here’s what you need to know about these exciting developments.

How the Locals Only Gift Guide Is Revolutionizing the Holiday Shopping Experience for South Florida Residents

The denizens of South Florida typically don’t have much to complain about. The weather is great and there’s always something exciting going on in the area. One thing that people in the area have in common with the rest of the nation is that they can sometimes find it difficult to come up with gift ideas. 

If you live in South Florida and you’re struggling to come up with gift ideas, the local creatives have your back. A local’s only gift guide is being released and circulated to residents in the area. This guide features some of the most unique gift ideas that you will ever find and the best part is, it’s all made by local creatives from the South Florida area. 

The gifts in this guide can’t be found anywhere else because they are 100% unique. Many of them are lovingly crafted from local materials. For example, try finding jewelry created with plastic that washed up on the shores of Fort Lauderdale on Amazon, you can’t do it. 

Almost every single one of the gifts in the local’s only gift guide are one-of-a-kind as in you can’t find gifts like these anywhere else. 

What’s the Big Deal?

What’s so important about a local’s only gift guide and a bunch of South Florida creatives? It’s important because this movement represents something larger. With millions of people routinely ordering everything off of Amazon every single day, the fact that a community of local creatives from South Florida is making a serious impact on the market is huge. 

Amazon is a giant, the company has swallowed up countless local businesses by driving people away from smaller stores. It accomplished this primarily by offering people convenience. They give them the convenience of ordering items that can be shipped at remarkable speeds thanks in part to a mass of overworked and overstressed warehouse workers. The working conditions in Amazon’s warehouses have slowly but surely generated some sense of apprehension and concern among consumers. 

The problem is that many of those same consumers that were appalled to hear about the poor working conditions in Amazon’s warehouses continued to order from the same company without the slightest hesitation. 

While the issues with Amazon represent a large issue that is affecting the entire nation, the people of South Florida now have a viable alternative to ordering all of their gifts from Amazon. As it turns out, the local creatives and crafters of South Florida are perfectly capable of creating all of the beautiful and unique gifts you could ever need. Skeptical? Then take a gander at the local’s only gift guide. 

Once you see what you’ve been missing out on, you’ll want to keep on ordering all year round. As you are about to discover, ordering your gifts from the local creatives of South Florida has plenty of perks. 

The Advantages of Ordering Gifts From Local Crafters

You don’t have to have a beef with Amazon to benefit from ordering gifts from the talented creatives in your area. For one thing, you will have a direct relationship with the creatives themselves. 

Customers can get their gifts directly from the artists themselves as opposed to receiving them in a box shipped straight from a dingy warehouse with questionable working conditions. This gives people a chance to bond with the creatives in their area which is a great way to strengthen the community. 

When customers and local creatives form a bond, the entire community benefits from it. By ordering from a South Florida creative, you’re putting money right back into your own community as a whole. Conversely, when you order something on Amazon, it might benefit a faraway seller to some extent, but at the end of the day, the real winner is Amazon itself.   

Get in Touch with Your Local Crafters, it’s a Revolution! 

Don’t just place a bunch of orders straight from the local’s only gift guide, start getting in touch with the crafters themselves and forming strong relationships. You never know, it could be your neighbor, it could even be your local pharmacist! That’s the beauty of the crafting industry, everyone with the heart and talent to do it and participate and when that happens, everyone wins. More specifically, the entire community wins. 

Stay Tuned and Get Involved

With momentum among local crafters building up fast the release of the local’s only gift guide probably won’t be the last development. If you’d like to see where this goes stay tuned and get involved. The crafting community in South Florida is a vibrant one. It’s also an appreciative one as crafters like Addy White from Fort Lauderdale started repurposing plastic from the ocean to create beautiful gifts as a way to stay occupied throughout the COVID lockdowns. 

Today she has turned her crafting hobby into a viable business that provides her with a substantial income. You see, when the local crafters win, the whole community wins. The best way to sustain this movement is to get involved and start placing orders. 

Although it’s unlikely that a community of crafters and creatives from South Florida will shake up a giant like Amazon, they are starting to change the way people think about locally made crafts, at least in the balmy depths of South Florida.

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