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South Florida Media ( is a completely free news website and will always be a completely free news website. We believe that having the most important news of the day behind paywalls has hurt this great nation. We also believe that the paywall model much like the advertising model before it has died with the creation of the internet. What the Newspaper companies haven't realized yet, and what we realized years ago, is that media companies are tech companies now. The best techies in the world work at media companies and instead of selling ads on our content like we did in the old days. We need to instead offer technology services to businesses who need our advanced skills and marketing services to succeed in the modern marketplace. Is it a little bit more complex? Yes, sure it is. But the upside is that technology customers stay a lot longer and often pay a lot more than advertisers due to the nature of the work. So if you guys like our free news please support our model and be sure and hire our team to do your website, social media, and online advertising. At SFL Media we offer pro-level media services for doctors, dentists, lawyers, and all other business owners. We provide free news to our beloved South Florida community because we believe that it is our duty and responsibility to provide this pertinent information free of charge during these crucial times in our nation's history.


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