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Are you struggling to drive traffic or attention to your business? Then you need to attract the kind of attention your business deserves with managed press releases from the internet geniuses at SFL Media!

Why Your Business Needs to Publish Press Releases

Successful businesses issue press releases regularly to keep building interest amongst the public and to sustain that interest. When you have a managed press release service that really knows what they’re doing, you can work out a press release schedule that’s designed to generate interest, heighten that interest, and ultimately win over more customers. 

Whenever you launch an exciting new product or service, you should publish a series of press releases to support the launch. When new and important people join your team, it’s a good idea to publish a press release to keep customers informed. 

When you publish a press release, it sends a message, one that you can shape and use to build trust between your brand and the public. The best way to raise awareness and build trust with your customers is to be transparent about what you’re doing and keep them informed. Publishing a press release does more than keep your customers informed, it keeps them engaged. 

Advantages of Having Your Press Releases Managed By an Experienced Media Firm

Writing a press release is one thing, distributing it and getting it on people’s screens is another. That’s why so many savvy business owners choose to work with experienced media firms to manage their press releases. 

A true press release is more than something that’s only published on your own website, it’s a document that’s published on a vast variety of news outlets, websites, and digital channels. That’s because the value of a press release is in the exposure. Experienced media firms like SFL Media have the means to maximize exposure. 

By maximizing exposure, every press release we publish will drive more customers to your business. Conversely, if you publish a press release through a freelancer with limited resources and minimal publishing power, your brand name won’t get very far. If you’re going to spend the money, you should know that you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck when working with a professional firm. 

Why pay a freelancer to publish a press release with incredibly limited exposure when you can work with one of the most talented media firms in the nation? When you have your press releases managed by SFL Media, you’ll have the reach, power, and skill of an experienced media firm. Each writer is a hand-picked American professional with the skills to make every press release effective and unique. 

Make Every Product Launch a Smashing Success with Managed Press Releases

If you want your new product to succeed, you need to set it up for success which means planning a series of press releases to build interest throughout the launch. When you have a professionally written press release published before, during, and after a product launch, sales will be higher because you primed the public to buy your product. 

By priming the public to buy your new product, you’ll have a profitable and successful launch. Better yet, it’s repeatable. SFL Media can make every product launch more lucrative for you by publishing strategic press releases that will help drive customers to your product.  

What Can You Expect After Enlisting SFL Media’s Managed Press Release Service?

When you enlist SFL Media’s managed press release service you can expect to get a lot of attention from new customers. We won’t just ensure that your press releases will be seen by scores of people, we’ll also ensure that they’re impressed. 

Our managed press release service will provide you with perfectly-written press releases with maximum exposure. Whether you want more customers, to raise brand awareness, or to shape public opinion of your brand’s reputation, you can count on SFL Media to deliver. 

If your business has had a PR scandal in the past, we can help smooth things over and build a better brighter image of your brand that will resonate with customers and keep them coming back.   

The best part is, that you don’t have to manually publish every press release on each individual news site, we do all of that for you in the blink of an eye. We’ll work on a schedule with you and publish each press release far and wide to drive customers to your brand.  

Control the Narrative While Attracting More Customers Than Ever Before with SFL Media!

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a world-class firm like SFL Media to handle your press releases is the fact that you’ll be able to control the narrative while attracting more customers than ever. 

Controlling the narrative means you’ll be able to shape how the public perceives your company. When businesses just release new products without issuing a formal announcement like a professional press release, the launch could fail because they didn’t generate enough attention. 

Our managed press release service will give you the publishing power to generate hype around your new products, services, and developments while shaping a positive public opinion of your brand. 

You’ll be able to tell the story of your brand as you go along while keeping customers in suspense as they eagerly await each new development. By publishing press releases regularly, you can sustain public interest and keep your customers engaged. 

Why Wait? Contact SFL Media Today!

People around the world are publishing press releases every day. Every press release that’s published contributes to the pulse of commerce itself. There is a vitality to a press release, it means that something new and exciting is about to happen. The team at SFL Media knows how to write a press release that will excite and enthrall your customers.

The press never rests, and neither do we. SFL Media works tirelessly to promote our clients and drive customers to their businesses. The more customers you have, the more your business will grow, so why wait? Get in touch with SFL Media today and ask about the benefits of our managed press release service and how it can help your business!

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