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Website Development

Fort Lauderdale Web Developers

Cutting Edge Custom Website Development

At SFL Media we are at heart a full-stack technology team specializing in custom website development. Our team can help you turn your vision into an online reality for your brand or business. At SFL Media we take pride in analyzing our client’s needs and then working with them to develop the best possible website for their project. An SFL Media website doesn’t just look good, it performs well too! Including custom-designed layouts, copyrighted photos, state-of-the-art functionality, a custom dashboard, and detailed tracking software. So that you can get the best performance possible out of all your online marketing! Call us today, our web developers are standing by to give you a custom quote on your project or provide real-time tech support if you need it!

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Website Hosting

Managed Website Hosting

Fully Managed and Secure Website Hosting

Every website needs hosting and if you have ever tried to set up your website’s hosting yourself. Then you know that running servers are not fun or easy! At SFL Media we are Liquid Web certified server experts. We offer fully managed website hosting on our extremely fast Liquid Web servers for all our clients. With SFL Media managed hosting your website will never be down! If it is ever down, you will have our staff working on it immediately, to bring it back up for you free of cost. However, it is not uncommon for our servers to be up many years without even a single crash. SFL Media managed no-nonsense hosting with full customer tech support is the website hosting that you have been looking for. Don’t lift a finger we will do it all for you!

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Website Management

Website Management

Full Corporate Website and Technology Management

Website management is the biggest part of our business here at SFL Media. Managing the full web presence of a successful company takes an entire team. Rather than burden yourself with this heavy expense and then also have to manage the team in house. You can outsource that work to SFL Media and get the work done for a fraction of the in house price. Also by having us manage the project, you turn expense employees, into a welcome tax write off. All while getting a much better result for your company since you have hired one of the top teams in the country to handle your online needs. At SFL Media we manage the full online presence of a myriad of companies, across the country, and across many industries. 

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Website Security

Website Security Teams

Website Security and BackUps

Has your website been hacked or infected with malware? Have you received a Google warning on your website? Sadly hacking and malware are far too commonplace on the modern web. But, have no fear SFL Media is here! Our team of internet professionals can scan your website for malware and viruses, scan your server for malware and viruses, then identify the malicious code and remove it. Once removed we can have your website re-approved by Google. So that you can get your business back online and function at a high level.  In most cases, we can have your entire system scanned and cleaned in 24 to 48 hours. Call now for immediate service and we can have you back up and running in no time!

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Social Media Management

Social Media Managers in Fort Lauderdale

Social Media Management That Works

Social media pages are a necessary part of any successful business’s marketing campaign. At SFL Media we have a team of social media professionals to make sure that your social media pages look amazing and are updated every single day. Businesses that have an updated and vibrant social media presence are far more likely to get new business. Compared to those that do not. Through the repetitive exposure and trust that comes from having a well-polished social media presence. Companies can build a large and reliable customer base that they may have otherwise been unable to reach. Companies inversely that do not update their social media regularly, look closed to consumers, or are not as reliable to do business with. Therefore don’t let your social media presence cost your company another big deal or potential lead. Call the social media professionals at SFL Media today!

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization in Fort Lauderdale

Advanced SEO and Link Building

So you want to be number one on Google search? We can’t blame you! The first slot on a popular Google search result can give your company up to a 60% increase in new business. That’s enough to make or break you in just about any industry. Thus Google Search Engine Optimization is a highly competitive a vibrant field. At SFL Media we work tirelessly to stay ahead of the curve on all approved Google SEO techniques and practices. Since we run our own media websites and online e-commerce stores we are used to operating SEO campaigns on a very high level. We use these same advanced SEO techniques for our clients. If you would like to get your business or brand to the top of Google search and receive all the amazing marketing and business benefits that come from that. Then please contact our office today for a free SEO review and quote for your project. Remember the words of fictitious NASCAR driver Ricky Bobby: if you’re not first, you’re last!

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Malware Removal

Malware Removal in Fort Lauderdale

Remove Malware and Have Your Website Relisted on Google

South Florida Media takes website security very seriously. As such if your website has been infected with Malware you have come to the right place. At South Florida Media we will scan your website and server for all known types of malware. Then any malware found will be removed and deleted. In most cases we can remove the malware the very same day. We can also help you get the Google block lifted off of your website so that you can start receiving online leads again. Our security team has seen it all before so do not worry. Call us up at SFL Media anytime your website is infected with Malware or not performing correctly and we will get it cleaned up for you right away. Our staff of website security experts is standing by to help with all of your website security and malware removal issues.

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Google Adwords Management

Google Adwords Managers

Professional Google Adwords Management

Boy Google Adwords is complex, isn’t it? You bet it is! They don’t call it the Google Ad Exchange for no good reason. At Google, they have figured out that the best way for them to make max profits is to let advertisers bid in real-time for their search result leads. Search result leads tend to be the hottest leads in any particular field. Since the user is actively searching for that service or product at the time that the lead is harvested. Making it a very hot lead. So hot in fact, that a good Google Adwords campaign can increase your company’s new business by up to 40% annually. For this reason, it is crucial that your Google Adwords campaign is run by a Google Adword’s expert. To ensure that you can get the best possible return on your investment in the highly complex Google Ad Exchange. At SFL Media we have spent millions of dollars in AdWords for our clients and are highly versed in all aspects of the Google Ad Exchange. As well as all facets of advanced Google Adwords campaign creation and retargeting. Call us today for a free consult on Google Adwords!

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Review Management

Google Review Service

Get More Five-Star Reviews on Google and Yelp

The team at South Florida Media has a stellar review management program for our clients. We can help you monitor your Google, Yelp, or industry-specific reviews online. Our team can also utilize software to help your company build up hundreds of reviews online from all your clients. We can also help you make sure that all your online reviews stay positive and show you in your best light. This includes managing your review pages, helping you to build positive reviews, helping to grow the review pages organically, and responding to clients for may for some reason leave a bad review for your business. Lastly, we can also help you get bad reviews taken down from the web. If you need help with the reviews at your business then call South Florida Media today for immediate service.

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Graphic Design

Fort Lauderdale graphic designers

Mind-Blowing Graphic Designs

South Florida Media graphic design services include any and all types of graphic design you may need for your business or project. Including but not limited to flyers, print ads, digital ads, Google ads, banner ads, logos, menus, business cards, stickers, labels, coupons, brochures, folders, posters, and more. If you need professional graphic design for your business then you need to call South Florida Media today. New business special includes logo, letterhead, banner ads, and a professional business card design. Cutting-edge graphic design styles at affordable prices. Call now for immediate service from the South Florida Media graphic design team.

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Copy Writing

Fort Lauderdale Copy Writers

All American College Educated Copy Writers

Copywriting is an essential part of every business marketing routine. Whether its advertising copy, social media copy, print media copy, online blogs, SEO articles, or even press releases. Then the copywriters at SFL Media have your back. Our writers are all well educated, all American, and have amazing grammar and writing skills to utilize for your project. With SFL Media copywriting your business and brand will look amazing to anyone reading your media or searching for your company online. We can do all large and small writing orders including 100 SEO article orders. As well as copywriting orders for really long articles up to 5,000 words. If it can be written then our writers can write! Call now for immediate copywriting service from the writing professionals at South Florida Media.

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Weekly Blog Service

SEO Blogs

SEO Blogs Released on Your Website Every Monday Morning

Get your blogs here! Blogs are the lifeblood of any good web presence and as such, we offer an impeccable weekly blog service here at SFL Media. You can order al la carte blogs from college-educated American writers on any subject you like. The blogs can be either 300, 500, or 1000 words long. You can also sign up for our weekly SEO blog service where our bloggers log on and publish a custom blog on your website every Monday morning at 9 am. The deadline for Monday blogs is Wednesday at 5 pm. As long as we receive your topic before the deadline, our staff writers will deliver a steller blog for your website that following Monday. If you are a blog service member who has not submitted a work topic by the deadline. No worries at all, our writers will write about industry-specific news that applies to your business.  By having a weekly blog on your website you not only keep your website fresh with new content for visitors. You also force Google to crawl and index your website weekly, while also growing your Google credibility score and overall website size. Which are all great for your website’s Search Engine Optimization and overall online reputation and accessibility. 

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Press Releases

Professional Press Release Writers

Professional Written and Released Press Releases

The team at South Florida Media are press release experts. We have done thousands of press releases over the years for every type of industry. If you need a press release to highlight an event or an accomplishment at your business then SFL Media can help. Our team of experienced copywriters can write an amazing press release for you. Then a member of our team can have it sent out over the PR Web news wire for you. Your information will then be picked up and featured in all sorts of publications all over the world. If you need a press release for yourself, your company, or your brand then call SFL Media today and let our team of writers get you started on your way down the road to more exposure.

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Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Take Control of Your Online Identity Today

The team at South Florida Media knows how important your business and personal reputation are to your continued success and peace of mind. The internet is an amazing new technology. But, it is also a ruthless and lawless place that has a huge impact on how others perceive us. Since perceptions are important in life and in business reputation management is now the fastest expanding section of our business clients online. As a full stack technology team, we have the ability to SEO positive articles to the top of Google and reverse SEO negative articles down. We also have the ability to publish positive content on a myriad of online networks with whom we have relationships. In some cases, we can even have articles completely removed from the web. If you need reputation management for you or your business call SFL Media today for a free consultation. We can help you take full control of your online identity today.

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