The SFL Media Firm is a privately owned Florida limited liability media company

SFL Media was formed when technology entrepreneur Patrick Zarrelli merged his two long-standing Florida technology companies together. Formerly known as Dependable Website Management and the Print Killer Media Network. The two companies worked side by side but not together in the South Florida media for multiple years. By merging the companies together in 2019. Zarrelli was able to increase the value of the new company and streamline the efficiency of the company’s work. It also provided him with a unique ability to build and market online projects from the same company.

Currently, SFL Media still functions in the same areas of technology as Dependable Website Management and the Print Killer Media Network. The company owns a host of its own media websites and also manages the full online portfolio, of a large number of companies across the country. The SFL Media technology team is a full-stack tech team. Which means they can handle every aspect of your companies online experience. Including but not limited to website development, website hosting, website emails, website marketing, website implementation, website security, and website advertising. The SFL Media Firm is also Yext and Syn Up certified. As well as being popular resellers for Google and Liquid Web for many years now.

The major advantage of hiring SFL Media to build or manage your company’s technology? Is that you’re dealing with a real American tech team. Let me say that again, you are dealing with a real American technology team!

As such our team is available by phone, text, email, facebook, etc. Any time you want to contact us! We are normal people!! Normal people who are on the same time zone as you, who speak the same language as you, and who build websites to the same high standards you have for your company and or brand!!! At SFL Media you can rest easy because your data is in the hands of local qualified professionals. Anyone who has had the misfortune of working with foreign website developers will tell you. It is no picnic! At SFL Media we take pride in everything we do for our customers. From the custom websites to the news articles, to every social media post. We deliver high-quality technology that lasts and online marketing that works! At SFL Media we strive to stay on the cutting edge of online technology so that we can pass that edge along to our clients. In the current days of hyper-capitalism that we are currently living in, a technological edge can mean all the difference. So don’t sell your company or brand short! Consult with an SFL Media representative today and you will see the difference quality tech can make for your brand. Call now for immediate service and to view our technology service menu click the link.


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Local Phone: (954) 740-7900

Toll-Free: 1 (833) 447-3396

Email: Info@SFL.Media


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