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One of the biggest mistakes any business can make is to completely ignore the exceptional value of copywriting. Good copy means good sales. Likewise, bad copy means poor sales. SFL Media features a team of some of the most talented and versatile copywriters on the planet. If you’re looking for copywriters that know what they’re doing, you’ve come to the right place!

What Copywriting Means for Your Business

Like it or not, copywriting plays a key role that can pivot the course of your entire business between failure and success. Without good sales copy that stands out, your business could easily get lost in the sea of other businesses in the same industry. Competitors who differentiate themselves and enthrall customers by investing in superior sales copy will have a strategic advantage over you.

Why Every Business Needs a Professional Copywriting Service

Every business needs a professional copywriting service because business owners simply don’t have the time or expertise to write their own copy. Having a professional copywriting service is like having the ability to print money. 

Without a professional copywriting service, your brand has no voice, which means it has no ability to attract customers. A business without a professional copywriting service at its disposal will experience sluggish growth while slowly withering over time as prospects become more costly to procure over time. 

Our professional copywriting service can give your business the boost it needs by driving more customers to your website, office, or both. In order to understand the importance of copywriting it’s important to understand the fact that copywriting is sales in print. 

Almost every product or service that was sever sold can owe that sale to the hard work of a talented copywriter. Virtually every ad, blog post, and webpage you’ve ever seen was written by a copywriter. 

Copywriters are the lifeblood of commerce itself because their words keep everything going. Nearly every sale, every conversion, and every new client is the fruit of the copywriters’ labor. 

What Happens When You Try to Write Your Own Copy?

Even if a business owner has copywriting experience, writing your own copy is considered to be bad form. 

Just as doctors shouldn’t try to diagnose themselves, business owners shouldn’t write their own copy. When you write your own copy, it looks unprofessional and it makes your business look unsophisticated. 

Writing copy is a specialty, a skill, an art, and a science. That’s why it takes the talent, marketing expertise, and creativity of a professional copywriter to write copy that actually converts. The whole point of paying for copywriting services is to get copy that delivers tangible results like more customers, more sales, conversions, etc. 

When you write your own copy, savvy customers will see right through it and know that it was written by an amateur. Taking the time to write your own copy just doesn’t pay off in the long run. You’ll have fewer customers, less web traffic, and dismal sales figures. 

As a business, you have to be serious, because the competition is serious and if you don’t take the proper precautions, you’ll get swallowed up by competitors with more compelling, professionally written sales copy. 

Your business deserves the touch of a professional to give it the sound, flavor, and narrative it needs to set your sales on fire! SFL Media curates a team of American copywriters in their prime. All of our copywriters are selected for their skill and proven ability to drive sales and dazzle customers for our clients.

Why You Shouldn’t Partner with an Independent Freelancer

Let’s try an example, shall we? Below is a good example of terrible sales copy followed by an equally good example of excellent sales copy. Both companies sell the exact same thing, the only difference is the sales copy. Which one would you rather do business with, company A or company B?

Company A, “Try our cookies, they’re good and chewy!”

Company B, “When you try a bite of our artisanal, hand-crafted cocoa cookies, you’ll taste the rich, velvety taste of the world’s finest chocolate. Find a good hiding place, these are the kind of cookies you don’t want to share. That’s right, they’re that good!”

Notice the extra detail in the example from Company B. It’s detailed, it’s well-written, it’s engaging, and it’s ultimately going to help sell a LOT more cookies than the snippet from company A!

Although simple in scale, this example applies to virtually any kind of business. Detailed and engaging sales copy can benefit any business, from tech services to legal firms and anything in between.   

Meet SFL Media, the Source of the Best Copy on the Gold Coast and Beyond

From the Gold Coast of South Florida and beyond, SFL Media is known as one of the most powerful, effective, and customer-oriented media firms in the United States. The reason why copywriting is valuable is the fact that it can generate sales.

The number of sales any piece of copy can generate is entirely dependent upon the skill and creativity of the copywriter. SFL Media has cultivated a team of some of the best copywriters in the nation to help our clients expand their businesses. 

If you want people to spend money on your products, services, or both, you need the copywriting team at SFL Media to promote them! 

Ready to Make it Happen? Get in Touch with an SFL Representative Right Away!

Now that you’re familiar with the value of professional copywriting, it’s time to get in touch with an SFL representative and start experiencing the benefits! We have assembled a team of some of the finest, most talented, and most effective copywriters in the world, and when you work with SFL Media, their skills can be yours. 

Our copywriters are masters of the persuasive arts, every word they write is designed to make you money. That’s how good we are, and we’re willing to prove it. We have a long list of satisfied customers who can attest to the quality and profitability of SFL Media’s copywriting services. Check it out and get in touch, we’re ready to help you start making some serious money!

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