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Elderly Resident’s Safe Violated: Two Wynmoor Village Employees Arrested

The tranquil atmosphere of Wynmoor Village, a sprawling retirement community nestled in Coconut Creek, was shattered by the arrest of two of its own employees. O’Neil Elliott, 43, the director of security, and Donald Fitch, 75, a condo building manager, were apprehended by Coconut Creek Police under allegations of burglary and violation of trust.

The incident revolves around an 83-year-old resident, John Agosta, whose safety and well-being were compromised in the wake of a medical emergency. Agosta was transported to the hospital following a slip and fall accident on March 15, leaving his residence unattended. Exploiting this vulnerability, Elliott and Fitch purportedly breached Agosta’s unit without authorization, citing the need to secure a firearm.

Coconut Creek Police spokesperson, Scotty Leamon, revealed that the suspects, acting on hearsay, conducted an unsanctioned search for the alleged firearm, scouring both the resident’s vehicle and condominium. Despite their efforts, no weapon was recovered. Furthermore, the victim’s safe was tampered with, resulting in the disappearance of valuable items, including ammunition and coins valued at approximately $10,000.

Michael Agosta, the victim’s son, expressed bewilderment and dismay over the egregious violation. “I’m very confused about this whole situation,” Michael stated, highlighting the intrusive nature of the search conducted during his father’s medical distress. Upon arriving at the condominium, Michael was met with scenes of disarray, indicating a thorough invasion of privacy.

Although Elliott and Fitch have been charged with burglary, the investigation into the missing coins remains ongoing. Leamon disclosed that Elliott faces additional charges for the unauthorized possession of ammunition. Both suspects appeared in bond court, where they were ordered to refrain from contacting the victim or returning to the crime scene.

In light of this unsettling incident, Coconut Creek Police issued a warning to the public, emphasizing the importance of securing valuables to deter theft. “It’s important, I think, to lock things up,” Leamon asserted, advocating for proactive measures to safeguard possessions.

Michael Agosta, grappling with the aftermath of the violation, has launched a GoFundMe campaign to replenish his father’s lost savings. Reflecting on the significance of the stolen silver coins, Michael lamented their irreplaceable value as his father’s form of investment and security.

As the community grapples with this breach of trust, the arrests of Elliott and Fitch serve as a sobering reminder of the vulnerability of the elderly and the imperative of vigilance in safeguarding their well-being and possessions.



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