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The final step to the impeachment process is laid out for the Democrats’ quest. Take note though. This has truly been a quest for the Democrats. Based off of the previous pursuits throughout the presidency of Donald Trump, there has been a clear separation of interest in the United States. The fact of the matter, is that an impeachment needs to be a bipartisan agreement. For this entire process, it has not. The results from the House of Representatives proves just that and the Democrats know it.


What Happened at the House of Representatives?


On December 18, the House of Representatives came together to discuss whether the articles of impeachment should be approved and sent to the Senate. The majority said yes to the articles moving forward into the impeachment process. However, although the majority said yes, you need to look more into who actually said what. The House of Representatives is a majority towards the Democratic side. All of the Republican representatives are still on Trump’s side and shockingly, some of the Democrats are siding with Trump as well. They see what has happened in this quest for justice in the presidential impeachment. The Democrats have abandoned the idea of a “just and bipartisan trial.” This means a trial that is approved by the majority from both parties. Also, a proper and trial with fair terms on all sides.


Unjust Trial? Democrats Ceasing the Chase?


According to reports following the House of Representatives’ decisions, there may not even be a Senate Trial. According to just law, a Senate trial is the only option in order to remove a president from office with impeachment. There is no other option. However, Nancy Pelosi said they aren’t rushing to make these decisions. Based off of these statements, what exactly was the point of the last year of campaigning towards impeachment? Seems like a lot of wasted effort, time and money. However, we’ll see what 2020 brings with the possible Senate trial and the presidential elections.

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