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Did You Sea the Turtles?

by | Jul 27, 2019 | Animals, Events, Marine, Science

You better hurry! The chance to see the Sea Turtles nesting in their habitat. Between June and July, the Loggerhead Marine-Life Center in Juno Beach, Florida provides guided tours. During these tours you will get the chance to peruse the beach and attempt to find these beautiful creatures as they are nesting. What an amazing tour for people to explore the wildlife of the ocean so close to home. Dive into the life of one of the oldest and most fascinating creatures on Earth.



Loggerhead Sea Turtles


Loggerhead Sea Turtles are a wonder to the world. They are the largest hard-shell turtles in the world! These turtles obtained the name “loggerhead” due to the large head that they possess, along with their much thicker horny beak. This endangered species of turtle weighs between 200 the 350 lbs.! Fascinating creatures that explore the vast waters of the ocean. However, while nesting you can see them along the expansive beaches of Florida. What a beautiful sight to see.


They come from miles to Florida beaches just to lay their eggs. Be careful not to disturb the skittish females that are laying their eggs where they feel safe. After about two months these hatchlings will emerge. At night they will awaken and follow the light of the moon to safety. Unfortunately, with technology where it is, the car lights and street lights can provide a distraction from the moon for these newborn turtles. We highly recommend taking these tours so you can go with a professional guide that can teach you how to engage them while still maintaining the turtles’ well-being.


How to Get Involved


The Loggerhead Marine-Life Center is an amazing foundation that protects these creatures. They educate those willing to learn, nurture the injured turtles they observe, provide research into these animals and even have options to set up adoption of them! After taking these tours we’re expecting you’ll be yearning to reel in the next few years with a faithful companion. Regardless your interest, these people supply exactly what you need to be involved and enjoy this amazing part of nature.

Turtle walks are provided by these guys in June and July. However, they are always open! Feel free to stop by and learn a lot more if you’re interested. If you get skilled enough, you may even be able to guide yourself to these beautiful nesting areas in the future and give yourself a piece of life you’ve never had. Want more? Go here for more information on the company that backs the loggerhead sea turtles.

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