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Think DeSantis and the ‘Don’t Say Gay Bill’ are just playing? Think again! A 5th-grade teacher in Florida is under investigation after playing a Disney film that happened to violate the spirit of the Governor’s reviled ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill. After playing Disney’s Strange World, an outraged parent – with too much time on their hands – complained about the incident, prompting an investigation from the Florida Department of Education. Under the Department of Education’s investigation, the teacher now faces potential consequences for what many would consider a harmless and educational viewing experience. This incident paints a vivid picture of the chilling effects of such laws on free speech and inclusivity in our educational system, as educators are forced to second-guess every teaching decision.

Why the LGBTQ+ Community Should be Accepted Instead of Demonized

In an evolving global society that strives for diversity and inclusion, it is essential that we promote understanding and acceptance of different lifestyles and orientations. Yet, despite significant progress, there are some areas where misunderstanding and fear continue to thrive, particularly concerning homosexuality. The demonization of gay people and the intimidation of educators by threatening them with investigations for teaching about gay culture is fundamentally wrong and counterproductive. It is crucial to comprehend why such views are misguided. Misrepresentation or demonization of any group, including gay people, often stems from a lack of understanding, cultural norms, and misinformation. This not only spreads fear and hatred but also erects barriers to acceptance and inclusion. In contrast, teaching students about diverse lifestyles, including gay culture, can foster empathy, respect, and acceptance in society. Stereotypes and misconceptions about homosexuality persist, often reinforced by a lack of representation or demonization in media and culture. Misunderstanding leads to fear, intolerance, and discrimination. By normalizing conversations about homosexuality in schools, educators can help dismantle harmful stereotypes. Educating young people about all aspects of society, including different sexual orientations and the cultures surrounding them, is a fundamental way to reduce prejudice and promote inclusivity.

Understanding The Role of Education and How It Relates to Inclusion

Education plays a pivotal role in creating a more accepting society. A balanced, comprehensive, and inclusive curriculum should reflect the diversity of the world we live in, including diverse sexual orientations. Teaching about gay culture is not about advocating a particular lifestyle but presenting an accurate representation of the world’s diversity. Threatening educators with investigations for teaching about homosexuality creates a climate of fear that stifles open discussion and inhibits learning. It also contradicts the fundamental principles of education: to encourage critical thinking, expand perspectives, and foster understanding. The key is to encourage an educational environment that is driven by inclusion, not the other way around. Moreover, creating a culture of fear around discussing homosexuality can have detrimental effects on students, particularly those who identify as gay or are questioning their sexuality. If they perceive their identity as something taboo or wrong, it can negatively impact their mental health, self-esteem, and overall well-being. In an inclusive and understanding environment, these students can feel safe, accepted, and valued.

The Need for Logical Legislation and Policies to Replace the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill

Public policies and school regulations should support an inclusive curriculum, protecting teachers who provide comprehensive education about different cultures and orientations. Legislation should also target discrimination and hate speech, promoting an environment of respect and acceptance. Governments, educators, parents, and students need to work together to challenge prejudices and promote inclusion.

The Perils of Censorship: Preserving Diversity and Inclusion in Film

If a Disney film with a PG rating is supposedly unsafe to show to the kids in our schools, then what are they allowed to see? Worse yet, how much longer will they be allowed to see movies at all? Censorship is a slippery slope, one that often leads to tyranny and chaos. This is something that we should all keep in mind as DeSantis gears up for a presidential bid that could end in disaster. As society evolves, so too does its creative output, mirroring changes and growth in understanding, acceptance, and diversity. Film, as a significant medium of cultural expression, should reflect this diversity. The recent backlash against films like those produced by Disney featuring gay characters has ignited a debate around censorship. Let us examine the dangers inherent in attempts to censor such films, underscoring the importance of representation in the media.

The Importance of Representation

To begin, we need to acknowledge the critical role of representation in the media. Visibility of different races, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations allows individuals to see themselves reflected in the narratives they consume. For the LGBTQ+ community, seeing gay characters in mainstream films, especially those geared towards children like Disney movies, can have a profound impact. It not only normalizes diverse orientations but also promotes empathy and understanding among different viewers.

The Slippery Slope of Censorship

Attempts to censor films featuring gay characters pose numerous dangers. Firstly, it sets a precedent for suppressing content that reflects any group or viewpoint that may be considered controversial by some. This slippery slope could ultimately lead to a homogenized media landscape devoid of true diversity and a distorted portrayal of society. Furthermore, censorship contradicts the freedom of expression, a foundational principle of democratic societies.

Negative Consequences for Youth

Censorship of movies with gay characters could have adverse effects on young viewers, particularly those identifying or aligning themselves with the LGBTQ+ community. By removing these characters, we send a message to our youth that there is something wrong or shameful about being gay. Such censorship can perpetuate feelings of alienation, perpetuate harmful stereotypes, and stifle the development of an accepting society.

How Censorship Deteriorates Artistic Integrity

Censorship also has the potential to undermine the artistic integrity of films. Directors, screenwriters, and actors pour their creativity and craft into these works of art. By censoring these movies, we devalue their work and stifle artistic freedom. Films should provoke thought, challenge societal norms, and serve as a catalyst for discussion and change, not just cater to the majority’s perceived comfort levels. Although DeSantis has not effectively censored Disney films, he has built the political and legislative machinery to punish educators who choose to play films that violate the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill. It is important to recognize the potential for governors to turn into dictators once they start implementing draconian policies and are left unchecked. Florida schools are changing, and Disney is locked in a battle against the state as it continues to support and represent the LGBTQ+ community. We need to fight for creativity and diversity while fighting against homogenization and cruelty.    

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