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Last year, hemp derivatives became legal due to the Farm Bill of 2018. This bill legalized all varietals of hemp as long as the concentration of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, remains lower than .03%. This is key, as marijuana is still illegal in many states and there must be a differential between the two. Growers of hemp soon realized that they are able to extract the CBD (cannabidiol) from the hemp while also maintaining this differential. Now, seeing as the popularity in CBD vapes, CBD tinctures and other CBD products has been booming, the era of cannabis has arrived. Famous people of all kinds have jumped on the band wagon already. Will you?

Types of CBD Products 

Multiple types of CBD products have surfaced over the past year. CBD vapes and CBD tinctures are two of the most popular versions of CBD products. Along with CBD Creams, CBD Pills, CBD Shatter, CBD Edibles and even CBD Bath Bombs! Its almost getting out of control! This is a whole new lifestyle change for some types of people. These CBD products have been booming due to the popularity of cannabis while marijuana still maintaining illegality. Allowing people to engage in cannabis without the negative penalties of THC in an occupational and or law-based situation.

CBD Product Potential 

The potential of CBD products has been being experimented and studied on each and every day. Awaiting the FDA approval, CBD will most likely also be allowed in food and drink with set limitations as per safe limits. However, whilst awaiting this approval, others prefer to take matters into their own hands. For example, there are already many reports of positivity with results due to CBD. If you check out CBDipedia, there is a news section displaying a ton of positive news from CBD vapes, CBD tinctures, CBD creams and many other CBD products. Did you know that there are positive results from CBD cream on arthritis and pain? This is just the tip of the iceberg as well.


CBD Products


Bandwagon Keeps Getting Bigger 

If you’re just hearing about CBD products, you’re definitely a little late to the party. People have been representing cannabis products for a long time. However, recently there have been many famous people jumping onto the CBD Bandwagon. We’ll go into each a little deeper, but Seth Rogen and Morgan Freeman are active users of CBD, Rob Gronkowski has recently partnered with CBDMedic and two ex-Carolina Panthers, Jonathan Stewart and Steve Smith, have joined cbdMD. Once, again these are just a small portion of the CBD bandwagon.

Within CBD Lies Stars of Fame and Fortune

Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen appeared in front of Congress to testify the positive effects that CBD has on Alzheimer’s Disease. You can imagine that this was somewhat comical of course when thinking of Seth Rogen’s personality. However, soon into the speech to Congress, he began talking very seriously about his stance on CBD and Alzheimer’s Disease. He passionately conveys his personal opinions and the experiences he had with people that are personal to him that do indeed have Alzheimer’s Disease. He first began a movement called Hilarity for Charity, led by him and his wife. The goal was to be a comedy special that would raise awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease. This was the beginning of his movements.

“That’s right, the situation is so dire that it caused me, a lazy, self-involved, generally self-medicated man-child to start an entire charity organization.”

Rogen is currently a member of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws and is a very large CBD advocate for the allowance of medical use and legality of CBD products in the United States.

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is another big name in the cannabis movement. He himself has been in support of the legality of marijuana for a much longer duration than most would think. After a sever auto accident back in 2008, Morgan Freeman was turned onto the idea of cannabis products. The potential pain relief that cannabis products have is more than enough reason for interest. Especially someone who has previously been in a serious accident of some kind.

Rob Gronkowski 

Rob Gronkowski, ex-New England Patriot Tight End, has partnered up with CBDMedic. CBDMedic is a company that focuses CBD Creams and CBD Topicals. These CBD products are mainly for beauty care solutions and pain relief. Specializing in CBD Creams is what drew them to Rob Gronkowski. Gronk was an NFL player that took some of the biggest beatings that you could imagine. He deals with the pains from those beatings and his nine surgeries that ended up emerging after.

Post-discovery of CBD Cream, Gronk now is trying to convince sports leading officials to allow use of CBD. There is no exact ban of CBD products in the NFL currently. However, due to the outlying cannabis, they are also making CBD a blacklisted item. Rob Gronkowski first used the CBD Cream to relieve pain from a toe injury while playing soccer soon after his retirement. He felt immediate relief and now loves it! You can check out the full story here at CBDipedia!

Ex-Carolina Panthers Jonathan Stewart and Steve Smith 

Steve Smith and Jonathan Stewart used to be NFL players for the Carolina Panthers. Now that they’re both out of retirement, they’re looking for other ventures. CBD products are just that! cbdMD is a company built around CBD oils. These NFL players not only see it as a business opportunity, but also as a family affair.

“Working with cbdMD has become a family affair, and those closest to me have seen what CBD can do firsthand. Most who’ve followed me know my history in terms of struggling with personal issues. I’m proud to step forward and say that this partnership can be the platform the public needs to educate themselves on the power of CBD.” – Steve Smith

“After the constant contact and injuries my body endured throughout my career in the NFL, cbdMD has been able to help me live a better quality of life during retirement, stay competitive with my golf game, and keep up with my little girl day in and day out,” – Jonathan Stewart.


CBD Products


Ready to Hop On? 

CBD Products are booming more now than ever. If you’re interested in a new business venture, this could just be it. Looking to try out some CBD Creams and CBD Oils? CBDipedia is home to an enormous CBD superstore. Stocked full of CBD Creams, CBD Vapes, CBD Oils and much more! Take your chance to hop on the CBD bandwagon!

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