The benefits that CBG have to offer are closely tied to what it does in the human body. In the right dose, CBG acts as an Analgesic which relieves pain and also acts as an Anti-convulsive which reduces seizures and convulsions. It is an Anti-inflammatory which reduces inflammation and then it also helps with insomnia which helps aids sleep. For Anti-proliferative this one aids in cancer cell growth. Check out these other seven ways CBG can help you. It acts as an Antidepressant which raises your mood, It works as a Bone stimulant which promotes bone growth, it works as a Brain cell stimulant which  promotes neuron growth, it works as an Appetite stimulant which helps increases appetite, it helps as an antifungal and Antibacterial with potent inhibition of MRSA, it works as an Anticancer and Mild antihypertensive which lowers blood pressure and last but not least it helps inhibits the growth of certain skin cells that contribute to psoriasis.

As you can see, CBG has the potential to make many sick people well again. What Disorders can CBG treat? Because of its long list of benefits, CBG can be used to  treat: Glaucoma, Inflammatory bowel disease, Anti-inflammatory disorders, Epilepsy, Chronic pain, Depression, Osteoporosis, Insomnia, Huntington’s disease, Cancer, Methicillin-resistant microbial strains such as MRSA, Low appetite – resulting from chemotherapy and other treatments, Bladder dysfunction, and Psoriasis.

The research into CBG is still ongoing, so this list will likely grow longer in the future. Does CBG have any side effects? CBG does not have any side effects when taken in therapeutic doses. The key words there are “therapeutic doses.” You can experience negative side effects if you consume too much of any substance…even water. Thankfully, CBG only becomes a problem when taken in excess of 300 milligrams per kilogram of body weight. For a 180-pound person, that means they would have to consume 54,000 milligrams of CBG for it to become dangerous. To put that in perspective, a 180-pound person suffering from severe pain should take, at the most, 25 milligrams to feel relief. “If it’s hard to visualize milligrams, think of it this way: 25 milligrams = 1/8 of a teaspoon, 54,000 milligrams = almost 11 tablespoons. So therefore 25 milligrams of CBG has no side effects!”