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I am a new fan of CBD due to its abundance of medicinal benefits.  So as I sit here with my swollen, throbbing, broken ankle I decided to do some research on CBD’s and broken bones.  I had so many questions, do CBDs help heal broken bones, do they help with pain, and what about general bone health?

While a fracture will heal on its own, it’s important to eat a healthy diet as vitamins and minerals play an important role in bone growth.  It also requires a lot of patience.  It’s all pretty technical after that. Blood clots form after a fracture occurs, and then cytokines start to repair cells in the gap of the fracture. These cells become specialized and form osteoblasts which become new cells which become new bone and cartilage.  Then protein is produced and forms a callus which hardens over time, bone and bone formation cells interweave, and the bone rebuilds.

In one of the most recent studies, they have studied THC and CBD combined and CBD alone.  They concluded that CBD alone had better results than the two cannabinoids together.  The studies were performed on rats with broken femurs.  Not only did the bones heal faster, they were also 35-50% stronger.  CBD caused an increase in the callus’ strength and toughness due to osteoblastic bone formation.

CBD also has the potential to treat osteoporosis, a condition of weak or brittle bones, mostly affecting people as they age.  Right now this can only be treated by prescription medications that are at high risk for harsh side effects.  This disease is the reason for over 2 million bone fractures a year.  These studies could mean big things for those in the future.

CBD can also be used for pain from a broken bone.  CBD’s have been known to help with inflammation.  A topical CBD can be used directly at the site to help with stiffness and localized pain relief.  You can also add an oral CBD-like oil or tincture for more overall pain relief.  Use it alone or in addition to a stronger painkiller.

Researchers have found that with regular CBD intake, there was an improved rate of bone healing and greater strength and properties of the bone in just 8 weeks!  CBD enables stimulation of the bone-building cells primarily used in bone healing, therefore resulting in faster healing.  It can also be used orally and topically together to simultaneously relieve pain effectively.  Best of all, CBD is very safe and has little to no side effects, unlike many other OTC and prescription medications.  There are only positive effects with the risk of developing other medical conditions very slim.

After researching this, I am now even more interested and adamant about taking my CBD’s regularly.  I feel like it has definitely helped with my pain and the anxiety it has caused.  Knowing that it will help strengthen my bones to help prevent future breaks is a win in my book.  I never want to experience this again, so if there’s even a chance of that with regular CBD use, I’m all in CBD is for ME!!

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