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A bill that would put an end to the illegality of marijuana on a federal level has just been passed through the House of Representatives. The bill is called the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act of 2019, also known as the MORE Act. This act would put an end to the argument of marijuana being legal on a federal level. Also, it would expunge the cannabis offenders and give all the allowance of marijuana on a legal level. New York Representative Jerry Nadler set this bill in motion. Although this bill has passed through the House, there are many more steps that will need to be taken.


Marijuana Finally Legal?


Marijuana has been disputed over legality for decades. Slowly, but surely, through the use of the States Act, states are deciding whether they themselves would have legal marijuana within the state. The State Act gives the right to the states whether they wish to allow marijuana to be legal in their individual state. Republicans believe that this act will become an issue for the new bill. Seeing as this would be setting marijuana as legal on a federal level, it would override the rights of the State Act. Congress has always been slow to address the issues surrounding cannabis. However, with recent movements towards the legality of marijuana, this bill seems to stand a decent chance.


Current State of the MORE Act


The MORE Act is still in early stages of approval. However, recent movements in the cannabis industry have shown hope for the future. Recently, the Safe Banking Act, which allows banks and financial institutions to work with state-legal marijuana companies has went into effect in Colorado. This is giving the movement even more hope. Due to the recent leniency towards the subject of cannabis, marijuana regulators and those backing the movement believe that there will be success in the future. Check back to see more info on the MORE Act!

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