This is sooo sick!

This is so freaking cool. I don’t know why more artists don’t do this? Throw a show out in a sick remote location, and have a few or no guests at all like in this case. Then live stream the whole thing out to the world. What a cool concept. What an original Idea. What a cool vibe man… Super dope drone videos really set it off as well.

This Disclosure set is absolutely perfect for the venue. It’s chill, it’s funky, and it feels super fresh and organic. It hits the musical spot while matching the outdoor vibe of this very original concert venue perfectly. I would love to catch a private EDM show like this someday. Could you imagine getting an invite to this show? Chillen out in the Mountains of a national park and just jamming out on some fresh new house music? What a privilege!

This Disclosure set runs almost a full two hours. It’s literally a whole party! Enjoy.