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It Was a Beautiful Day Party for Armin van Buuren Live at Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

Ultra Music Festival or as I like to call it the greatest show on Earth welcomed house music legend Armin van Buuren to Ultra 2022 in Bayfront Park, Miami. The show was nothing short of amazing. After a well-created opening Van Buuren let the beat drop with authority and the crowd went absolutely wild. He then threw down hard for over an hour and fifteen minutes lighting up the party at Bayfront Park in Miami. Van Buuren played a mix of the old tracks and new tracks, of course, all expertly mixed. Van Buuren is known in the industry as a perfectionist and you can tell he put a lot of time and effort into his set for Ultra this year. Anyone who made it out to the day party to see it is very happy they did, it was a great set. If there is anything better than a day party with great house music in South Florida? Then I honestly do not know what it is!


At 8:33 in the full set video below van Burren really cranks up the tempo and the party hits a whole other level. You gotta love the skill of a great DJ and van Buuren is one of the seasoned best. Van Buuren got his start way back in South Holland where he used to host a radio show you may all remember called ” A State of Trance.” The house music show had over 40 million viewers in over 40 countries and really put van Buuren at the top of the emerging hosue music scene. Van Buuren has also been named the number one DJ in the world on five different occasions by DJ magazine. He is also a Grammy award-winning artist. Talking home a grammy for his hit song “This is What It Feels Like” featuring singer Trevor Guthrie. Lastly, he holds the most entries to the billboard top 100 charts for house music with 21 in total.

So if you get a chance to see Armin van Buuren or to attend Ultra Music Festival. Then you absolutely jump on that my friend, because it will be hands down the absolute best experience of your life!

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