Today is a day that went down in history in honor of Christopher Columbus. Originally, the holiday was to celebrate him finding the America’s and impacting history in what we thought was a great way. In our modern era, this holiday is now disputed in masses about what exactly we celebrate. Some say to keep the day as Columbus Day in honor of his great achievements. Others wish to make today Indigenous Peoples’ Day, in honor of the Native Americans that originally inhabited the continents before the Europeans migrated over. Regardless, today is a day of celebration, for it is a day that shaped the United States.


Callous Columbus


People wish to forsake the original holiday known as Columbus Day. This is for the fact that we are no longer a nation of whites. We are a multicultural foundation built upon the fact that we are all different. In doing so, we must take strides in making the masses happy. Native Americans are more than part of our culture and they were the original inhabitants of this land. Many people now want to forsake Columbus as a man who looked to genocide in order to further gain his rank and obtain all that he wished for.


On the Other Side


Unfortunately, yes Christopher Columbus wasn’t the greatest of men in heart. However, he did achieve what most thought impossible. He reached a new land and made strides for what did eventually define the future of our nation. If he had not done so, who knows how the future would have turned out. Although it is understandable to cast Columbus aside for the choices he made, he must also be remembered as one who braved the seas and found this land. His mistakes were those of men long ago and today we dispute. Why not give recognition for the achievement of finding the land and also the recognition for the natives as well?