The air is beginning to get cooler. Days are getting shorter. Trees are changing and the Autumn is in the air. Festivals of all kinds are there to explore. Family and fun are essential this time of year so pack in and get ready for some fun! If you’ve yet to try doing anything outdoor in your warm and comfortable clothes, then maybe check out a place to go pick apples! This time of the of year is best for the apples and they are delicious right off the vine!


Freshness from Around the States


All around the United States there are some amazing places to check out if you’re looking for an apple orchard to spend the day at. A few of the great ones are Ochs Orchard in Warwick, New York. This place has some of the most amazing apple cider. Russel Orchards in Ipswich, Massachusetts is another great place for cider and even wines for tastings! Head down to Amesbury, Virginia to visit Cider Hill Farm. One of the most famous places, well known for their high-quality products and as a wonderful place to visit.


Seasonal Fun!


Remember, these types of fun excursions are truly only available during certain seasons or times of the year. You have to try out some of these apple orchards that are filled with fun for all ages. Many of them have activities such as hay rides, petting zoos and a bunch of places for pictures to be taken. Some of them have hard cider tastings for those who wish to add a bit of a twist on their apple picking. Apple picking is a great way to get out there and truly enjoy nature. For those that don’t, this is your one opportunity to nail that perfect autumn picture and then be done with it until summer returns!