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A Tale of Two Teams

On October 7th, 2023, college football fans witnessed a heart-stopping showdown as the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets clashed with the Miami Hurricanes in a thrilling game that came down to the very last second. In a game filled with drama, excitement, and unexpected twists, Georgia Tech emerged as the victor, leaving fans and pundits alike in shock of their remarkable last-second victory. The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and the #17 Miami Hurricanes entered this matchup with different levels of expectations. Hurricanes, known for its prowess in the running game and solid defense, was coming off a strong start to the season, boasting a 4-0 record and an impressive #17 ranking in the top 25. On the other hand, Georgia Tech was enduring a somewhat rocky season, struggling to find consistency on both sides of the ball.

The Game Unfolds

The clash between these two football teams began with a sense of anxiety, and it did not disappoint. Wet conditions made for an interesting 1st half that only saw 3 points scored. Georgia Tech’s five drives in the 1st half resulted in 4 punts and an interception. Were as Miami’s offense didn’t far any better with their 1st 4 drives of the half resulting in a turnover on downs, 2 punts, and the 4th ending in a Tyler Van Dyke interception. Hurricanes final drive of the 1st half went 12 plays 65 yards and ended with a 30-yard field goal from kicker Andres Borregales. 10:36 to go in the 3rd quarter Miami puts together a scoring drive that ends with Tyler Van Dyke completing a 22-yard pass to Riley Williams. However, Georgia Tech was not about to back down. Known for their grit and determination, the Yellow Jackets’ offense slowly but surely found its rhythm. Quarterback Haynes King showcased his leadership and athleticism, while also connecting with his wide receivers and engineering a successful drive. King ran for a 6-yard touchdown, making the score Miami 10 and Georgia Tech 7. Miami’s turnover problems would continue in the 2nd half with Van Dyke getting intercepted twice in back-to-back offensive drives. King of Georgia Tech would engineer a series of successful drives. resulting in 10 more points for the Yellow Jackets. Georgia Tech 17 Miami 10. 5 plays 75 yards later Miami would answer back on a Henry Parrish Jr 3-yard run tying the score at 17-17. Miami’s defense would intercept King setting up a Miami 39-yard field goal by Andres Borregaies. Miami 20 Georgia Tech 17 with 6:23 to go in the 4th quarter. Miami’s defense would force a 3 and out on the Georgia Tech offense. With 5:41 to go in the game all Miami offense has to do is run the clock out to gain the victory.

The Final Drive

5:41 to go in the game was supposed to be the final drive of the game that is now destined to be etched into college football history. Starting from their own 22-yard line, Miami faced a simple task in football hold on to the ball, hold onto their lead. The clock was ticking down, and the tension in the stadium was palpable. Quarterback Tyler Van Dyke had orchestrated the drive by handing off to Donald Chaney Jr driven down the field picked up 1st downs, a 15-yard face mask penalty, and slowly but steadily advanced up the field. Converting crucial third downs and managing the clock. With just 0:33 seconds remaining and the ball on the Georgia Tech 30-yard line, all Miami needed to do was kneel on the ball to allow the clock to run out. Miami’s Donald Chaney Jr fumbles the ball at the Georgia Tech 26-yard line, with Georgia Tech recovering the ball giving them one last miracle.

The Last-Second Miracle

In a play that will be replayed countless times on highlight reels, Haynes King dropped back, scanned the field, and spotted his target, wide receiver Christian Leary, breaking free for 44-yards and finding the end zone. The stadium held its collective breath as King released the ball, and Leary got the ball out of the air and found himself behind the Miami defenders. The referee’s arms shot up, signaling a touchdown as the crowd was in shock. Georgia Tech had done the improbable; they had snatched victory from the jaws of defeat with a last-second miracle play. The final score, 23-20, sent shockwaves through the college football world and marked a turning point in the Yellow Jackets’ season.


Georgia Tech’s last-second victory over the Miami Hurricanes on October 7th, 2023, will be remembered as one of the most thrilling but interesting moments in college football this year. It showcased the resilience and determination of a team that refused to give up, even when the odds seemed stacked against them. For the Yellow Jackets, this win is a testament to the indomitable spirit of college football. As fans and pundits continue to marvel at the incredible game-winning play, one thing is certain: the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets’ last-second victory over the Miami Hurricanes will be talked about for days to come, this is a shining example of the magic that makes college football one of America’s greatest sporting traditions.


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