Apple released their new iPhone 11 on September 20th, 2019 and, as you would imagine, is stirring up the excitement of people all over. Many people are flooding in to obtain the new tech and want to be ahead of everyone else. There are some pretty cool features that have been added to the iPhone. However, one particular addition seems to be a little bit standoffish. Apple has added a warning feature to those who have damaged their screen and have a replacement done by unauthorized service providers.


Unauthorized Replacement?


Most service providers have a policy that if damage was caused to phone by misuse, then coverage will, more often than not, will not be supported. They of course will take care of the replacement, but you will be charged full price for the official authorized service. Most people know this and usually head to someone they know that fixes screens for a largely diminished price. This is some ways, voids your contract unless of course the employee helping you when you return to the store for other types of aid cannot tell the difference. Most people really can’t.


So, What Does the Warning Mean?


The warning appears on the new iPhone 11 if there is a screen replacement completed by an unauthorized repairman and an ungenuine Apple screen. There is always a chance that these screens aren’t as effective as the traditional ones, but people take the chances for the lower price. Unfortunately, the new iPhone 11 is able to recognize these replacements that aren’t genuine. The warning eventually disappears from you sight, but the message can be found in the settings.

This seems as a ploy for customers of Apple to be forced into using these authorized screen repair options that are usually more expensive and can be noted for misuse. Having someone else repair this screen could be a problem with your contract and this info is easily accessed by their employees. Seems like a ruse to get more people stuck in contracts with options they sometimes cannot afford.