Jimmy Kimmel makes an impassioned plea for common-sense gun control regulations.

Firearms are the number one cause of death for American children. Can you guys believe that?

Other countries have experienced school shootings and then passed gun control laws. Then they saw a major decrease in gun violence after the laws were passed. In his passionate speech, Jimmy Kimmel asks Republican politicians to stand up and show courage. He asks them to protect the children of their own states. Jimmy says that we all get upset, then we demand action, the politicians wait us out, we go back to our normal lives, and then nothing is ever accomplished. But you know who doesn’t have the luxury of going back to their normal lives? The families of murdered children and the victims of gun violence around the country.

With mass shootings breaking out all over the country. The far right-wing newly politicized Supreme Court is set to actually make gun laws looser. That’s right, I said the Supreme Court of the United States of America is set to loosen gun laws that are already murderously too loose. That’s right folks we can’t even count on the Supreme Court of the United States to protect school children. Even with a lifetime appointment, the Supreme Court justices can’t even manage to stay out of politics or better yet rise above them. We can’t even get background checks passed and they are supported by 90% of the nation.

No matter who you vote for it is clear that America has a gun problem. A gun problem, protected by a lobbying problem, protected by corrupt politicians who benefit from legalized bribery.