Boxing fans may remember back in the 1980s when Iron Mike Tyson fought a crypt gang leader.

Mike Tyson not only fought a gang leader but the two boxers had a running feud that lasted multiple years. After Mike Tyson’s first decision in a boxing match, other boxers started to take shots at him in the media. None were louder and more obnoxious than Mitch ‘Blood’ Green an actual drug dealer and gang leader. Green began calling Tyson out on TV and eventually got the fighter’s and the public’s full attention. Once that happened it was a crash course to a major fight and that fight took place in New York City at Madison Square Gardens.

Tyson would beat the gang leader in almost every single round. After the fight, he claimed that he did not knock him out on purpose because he wanted to punish him for the entire fight. Whether that was true or not, Tyson certainly punished him the entire fight winning every single round bought one. He also did major damage to Green’s face giving him two black eyes. As well as punching Green’s mouthguard out of his mouth and clear out of the boxing ring on two different occasions. Tyson would win the fight by a clear decision and Green was not happy about that at all.

The two would meet again when Green heard that Tyson was in his hood to pick up a custom leather jacket. Green who was high on angel dust ran into the store and threatened Tyson. Telling Tyson to empty his pockets right there or agree to give him a rematch. Tyson responded by taking him outside and promptly beating the absolute snot out of him and breaking his eye socket. For weeks afterward, Green would be seen wearing sunglasses to cover up the massive amount of damage done to his eye. All from getting into a street fight with Iron Mike Tyson.