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The Ruthless Politics Podcast w/ Kid Chronic & Treez

by | Jul 28, 2019 | Donald Trump, Podcasts

You may know Kid Chronic & Treez from their numerous and amazing blog posts, reviews, commentaries, opinions, interviews and all the other shit we found amusing to write about. What you may not have known is that these two handsome devils also are deeply entrenched in politics.

Politics, perhaps is the subject both of these two amateur pundits are most entrenched in. They take it very seriously and wear their loyalty on their sleeves. Get into a political debate with either, and have your box of Kleenex, a baseball bat, and your psychologist’s number on speed dial, because you are gonna need all three!


Ruthless Politics is on the Air

All that being said, these two now have a kick-ass political podcast that you can hear absolutely anywhere! The podcast is called RUTHLESS POLITICS. It can be heard at

We gotta warn you, though. This podcast contains ruthlessly sharp political commentary! You will hear ‘Never Trumper’ Kid Chronic politically spar with Treez the ‘Bearded Jewish MAGA Man’. You can expect to hear about news, politics, current events, tech, memes and whatever else we can disagree over.


You will also be able to hear this podcast on all of the most popular apps and platforms including:


We are five episodes in as of the posting of this blog, and we have many more shows to go. Go back and start from episode number one and catch up. You will laugh your ass off, get pissed off, and maybe even cry! (Just kidding)

Kid Chronic and Treez are good friends, but don’t let that fool you. It can and does get “ruthless” when these two spar over everything that is in the news regarding politics and current events.

They have already covered topics like: Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Jeffrey Epstein, the USA Women’s Soccer Team, the 2020 Democrats running for Prez, Mike Pence, Vladimir Putin, ANTIFA, Colin Kaeprnick, Nike, and sooooo much more!



Here is a clip from the show to give you a little taste. But go slow…this is like drugs. YOU WILL BE ADDICTED!

Now once you are totally roped in, you are gonna wanna keep up with them on social media.

Click on any of these links to take you directly there.

Ruthless Politics Facebook Fan Page

Ruthless Politics YouTube Channel

Ruthless Politics Twitter Page

Ruthless Politics MINDS page

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