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Donald Trump Mocked Online After Bizarre Rant About Sharks and Sinking Boats

Former President Donald Trump has become the subject of widespread mockery on social media following his recent campaign rally in Las Vegas, where he went on an unusual tirade involving sharks and sinking boats. The rally, held on Sunday, marked Trump’s first large-scale open-air event since his conviction on 34 charges of falsifying business records in New York.

The Bizarre Scenario

During his speech, Trump posed a hypothetical situation that left many scratching their heads. “If the boat is sinking, water goes over the battery, the boat is sinking, do I stay on top of the boat and get electrocuted?” Trump asked the crowd. “Or do I jump over by the shark and not get electrocuted?”

Trump’s strange question continued: “I say, what would happen if the boat sank from its weight, and you’re in the boat, and you have this tremendously powerful battery, and the battery is now underwater. And there’s a shark that’s approximately 10 yards over there.”

He then described a scenario in which he would prefer electrocution over facing a shark. “If there was a shark or you get electrocuted, I’ll take electrocution every single time. I’m not getting near the shark.”

Social Media Reaction

The unusual comments quickly went viral, with many taking to social media to mock the former president. Author and frequent Trump critic Stephen King likened the speech to listening to a “senile uncle at the dinner table after he has that third drink.” Writer Ian Fraser described the moment as a “bizarre rant.”

Harry Sisson, part of a Biden administration initiative to promote the president’s 2024 campaign, tweeted: “WHAT?! Trump just ranted about sharks, boats, batteries, and water in an incoherent rant. Trump’s brain is malfunctioning every day at this point. This is utter nonsense. Go ahead, try to make sense of any of this…”

Former NBC senior executive Mike Sington also chimed in, criticizing Trump for not addressing substantive issues. “People are standing outside in hundred degree heat in Las Vegas to hear Trump babble on and on about sharks and batteries. He doesn’t talk about you, or what he’s going to do for you, or your future. It’s always about him, or meaningless nonsense. He’s a complete waste of time.”

Political scientist Norman Ornstein added: “I just hope he ends up in a prison where he can get the help he so desperately needs.”

A History of Controversial Comments

This isn’t the first time Trump has made headlines with his peculiar analogies. He previously used a similar electrocution or shark attack comparison during a campaign speech in Iowa last October and in Michigan in September 2023. Trump has also expressed a strong dislike for sharks, famously telling supporters during a rally in Pennsylvania in August 2020, “I’m not a big fan of sharks. I have people calling me up, ‘Sir, we have a fund to save the shark, it’s called Save The Shark.’ I say ‘no thank you, I have other things I can contribute to.’”

Campaign Trail Challenges

Trump’s Las Vegas rally comes at a tumultuous time in his political career. His conviction on multiple charges in New York has not deterred his campaign efforts, though it has added to the controversy surrounding his bid for the presidency. The rally, intended to energize his base in the key swing state of Nevada, instead sparked confusion and ridicule.

What’s Next

As Trump continues his campaign for the 2024 presidential election, it remains to be seen how his unconventional speeches will impact his support base. Trump has yet to confirm the location of his next rally, but the Republican National Convention, where he is expected to be confirmed as the 2024 nominee, will take place in Milwaukee in July.

Trump’s office has been contacted for comment but has yet to respond.

For more updates on this developing story, stay tuned to our coverage.


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