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Teens Lead Police on Wild Chase Ending in Hobe Sound Crash

In a dramatic sequence reminiscent of a video game pursuit, two teenagers triggered a high-speed chase through Martin County on Monday, culminating in a violent collision near the intersection of Bridge Rd. and Gomez Ave. in Hobe Sound. According to reports from the Martin County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), the saga began when the teens allegedly stole a Range Rover in Broward County. Igniting a pursuit that traversed counties, law enforcement officers trailed the stolen vehicle as it careened northward, reaching speeds exceeding 80 miles per hour.


Eyewitnesses were stunned as helicopters buzzed overhead and a flurry of law enforcement vehicles flooded the roads.

Rosemary Mooney, a local resident, described the scene as unprecedented, remarking on the overwhelming presence of patrol cars. The chase reached its climax when the stolen Range Rover collided with another vehicle, resulting in multiple injuries. Despite the crash, the pursuit continued briefly on foot. Tragically, a deputy sustained a broken leg during the pursuit, underscoring the risks inherent in such reckless behavior.

Local residents expressed shock and dismay at the brazen actions of the teens. Longtime Hobe Sound resident Ken Sharp condemned the lack of respect displayed by the perpetrators, emphasizing the potential dangers posed to innocent bystanders.

Chief Deputy John Budensiek highlighted the potential for catastrophic consequences, given the proximity of schools and the bustling traffic in the area. He expressed gratitude that the outcome was not more severe. Investigations suggest that the initial car theft in Broward County was opportunistic, with the vehicle seemingly left unlocked and the keys readily accessible.

Despite the chaos, community members rallied behind law enforcement efforts, providing crucial information that aided in the swift apprehension of the suspects. Chief Deputy Budensiek commended the vigilance of residents, describing their response as akin to “kicking over a hornets’ nest.” As the legal proceedings unfold, the teenagers face a litany of felony charges. However, it remains uncertain whether they will be prosecuted as adults or face juvenile court.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the inherent risks associated with reckless behavior and the importance of community cooperation in maintaining public safety.

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