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First Quarter: Jordan Travis gets Hurt

In a college football matchup on November 18th, the #4 Florida State Seminoles clashed with the North Alabama Lions in a game that kept fans on the edge of their seats until the final whistle. The showdown, marked by intense competition and remarkable plays, showcased the resilience and skill of both teams. The game kicked off with North Alabama setting a fast pace, determined to assert dominance early on. The Lions offense, led by their quarterback Noah Walters, orchestrated a series of impressive drives, showcasing a mix of precision passing and powerful rushing plays. Florida State’s defense, however, proved resilient, managing to thwart some of the Lions’ early scoring attempts. Midway through the first quarter, North Alabama countered with a well-executed drive of their own, mixing up their offensive strategies to keep the Seminoles’ defense on their toes. The Lions managed to put points on the board in the first quarter with two skillful touchdown passes, leveling the playing field and giving the Lions and early 13-0 lead with 1:57 to go in the first quarter. With 1:48 to go in the first quarter Seminoles quarterback Jordan Travis scrambled for 16-yards on the play but Travis got his leg caught under the Lions defender. When the play ended Travis was in pain, with and air cast placed on his led he was carted off the field.

Second Quarter: Seminoles Comeback

The second quarter saw quarterbck Tate Rodemaker replace Travis and the drive ended with kicker Ryan Fitzgerald making a 23-yard field goal North Alabama 13 Florida State 3. A back-and-forth struggle for control, with both teams displaying tenacity and determination continued in the second quarter. Florida State’s offense stepped up, capitalizing on North Alabama’s mistake of a fumble with 9:11 to go in the second quarter. The Seminoles’ offense, with the opportunity of a short field scored when running back Trey Bensen went 4-yards for a touchdown. North Alabama 13 Florida State 10. The Seminoles offense fueled by a renewed sense of urgency, executed precision drives that resulted in two more touchdowns late in the second quarter. A Caziah Holmes 3-yard touchdown run and another 17-yard touchdown run from Lawrance Toafili made it Florida State 24 North Alabama 13 at halftime.

Second Half: Florida Sate Dominates

Coming out of halftime, Florida State made strategic adjustments to gain an edge. Florida State’s defense continued to make crucial stops, while their offense expanded their lead with a mix of powerful runs and well-timed passes. The Seminoles quarterback Tate Rodemaker delivered a standout performance, connecting with receiver Caziah Holmes for 26-yards in the end zone to extend their lead. Them after a Seminoles defensive interception, Rodemaker finds reciver Keon Coleman for a 24-yard touchdown pass making it Florida State 38 North Alabama 13. The final quarter of the game was a testament to the competitive spirit of the Seminoles. Florida State sought to maintain their lead and secure the victory, when C.J. Campbelll Jr. went 70-yards for a touchdown run Florida State 45 North Alabama 13. In the waning moments of the game, third string quarterback Brock Glenn ran for a 11-yards and a score. Final score Florida State 52 North Alabama 13.


The Florida State vs. North Alabama matchup on November 18th provided college football fans with a shocking night to remember with Jordan Travis’s season ending injury. While the Seminoles ultimately emerged victorious, Tate Rodemaker’s resilient performance ensured Seminole fans that the season is not over.


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