A cigar a beautiful piece of art that is carefully constructed for the premium flavors that you receive. People all over the world appreciate a nice break with an amazing cigar to just ease the day. If you’re one of these millions of smokers, then you may understand that feeling. However, many of these people don’t comprehend the actual construction of a cigar. Each piece of a cigar is carefully layered to perfection while still keeping the flavors and beauty that you see on the outside. Here, we’re going to dive into each layer and explore the anatomy of a cigar.


Inner Layer


The most inner layer of a cigar and the “meat” of it is referred to as the filler tobacco. In this area of the cigar you’re going to have that beautiful recipe that is made by the combination of the finest tobaccos. This is where all that premium product is packed in and is ideally complimenting the flavors of the outer layer of tobacco. In this area of the cigar, you will be finding one of two very different qualities of tobacco. The first being long-filler tobacco. If you’re looking for a premium product, then you will be wanting this type of tobacco. On the other hand, you have short-filler tobacco. Short-filler tobacco is the left-over tobacco at the bottom of the bag.


Middle Layer


The middle layer of a cigar is the binder tobacco. This is a leaf of tobacco that is used to hold together the filler tobacco. In this element of the cigar, you will truly see some creativity. Normally the binder tobacco will compliment the filler tobacco. These two together is called the bunch. Many leaves that are used as binder tobacco were originally supposed to be the wrapper of the cigar. However, they must have been damaged and lost quality along the way. Some cigar crafters use two different binders as well.


Outer Layer


Finally, you have the visual appealing area of the cigar; The wrapper tobacco. This final area of the cigar is sometimes seen as the most important. First of all, it is what the consumer is going to see previously to purchasing the cigar. Secondly, it also is there to compliment the flavors of the filler tobacco. This area is what the smoker is going to be primarily tasting due to direct contact. In other words, the wrapper tobacco has to be a perfect layer for the smoker to taste and enjoy.

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