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Chat GPT – The Best Way To Cheat Ever Invented

Suppose you are lucky enough to be in high school right now…

You could use Chat GPT to do all your school work, all the way through law school, with very little work or edits, and no one would be smart enough to catch on yet. It’s honestly the homework machine that school children have wished for over 500 years of recent human school-going history. You can just type in your homework whether it be math or term papers and Chat GPT will do it for you for free in a matter of seconds.

On the plus side of negative the AI technology is already way better than human doctors at diagnosing illness. There are major legal applications and a host of other life-changing abilities that AI technology like Chat GPT will bring humanity. Is it dangerous? Maybe a bit, but for now it’s honestly so new that it’s not strong enough to hurt anyone. The problem will come down the road in the future. Since AI is self-learning it could get to a place in its evolution where we don’t understand how it works or is reaching its conclusion anymore. That is kind of a scary place to be for humanity to be honest. I don’t think we want a self-learning machine out comprehending humanity just yet.

That just seems like a really bad idea…

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