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Reality TV Star Bam Margera has been an alcohol and drug-induced mess since his friend and co-star Ryan Dunn passed away in a fiery Porsche accident. The reality star has always had a history with drugs and alcohol but since Dunn’s death, Bam has been a complete and total celebrity mess. A man who was once a great content producer from skate videos to Jackass has been almost silent in the content creation game since Dunn’s death. He did participate in a recent Jackass movie but I’m certain that is because of the giant system and infrastructure around that brand, that is essentially carrying him through the creation process. As for his own content he has created less than nothing since the accident that took Dunn’s life. I don’t think Dunn would be happy about that if he were still alive…

Ryan Dunn died at 3 am on June 20th, 2011 when he crashed his Porsche GT into a guardrail in West Goshen Township, Pennsylvania. His vehicle was catapulted into the woods where it caught fire. Dunn did not survive the horrific crash and Bam Margera hasn’t been the same person since. Margera and Dunn started releasing the infamous daredevil video series “CKY” in 1999, which would later serve as the template for the Jackass show and movies. After premiering on MTV in October 2000, the Jackass franchise and its stars became a worldwide celebrity phenomenon. On the night of his death, Dunn was heavily intoxicated after drinking at Barnaby’s West Chester bar, He then left the bar with a production assistant friend named Zachary Hartwell. While on the road Dunn accelerate his Porsche to over 130 mph before going off the road and causing the crash that would take both men’s lives.

Bam had recently been sentenced to rehab by a Florida judge through a law called the Marchman Act. Under Florida law, the Marchman Act forces the person to participate in an involuntary assessment and treatment for abusing alcohol or drugs. Bam told the staff at the facility he was sentenced to that he was not happy with their accommodation and then just took off. He told them he would be checking into another facility in the near future. Then police ended up finding him at a local hotel bar! Without incident, Bam coolly talked to the police before returning to the original rehab facility to finish out his court-ordered treatment. So all in all it was really just a quick rehab break by a rich celebrity. But in this celebrity-obsessed culture that we have in this country, it was of course also national headline news.

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