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Ben Shapiro on Real Time with Bill Maher

Ben Shapiro is an American conservative commentator, writer, and lawyer who rose to prominence in the early 2010s for his outspoken and often controversial views on politics, culture, and society. Born in 1984 in Los Angeles, California, Shapiro was raised in a Jewish family and developed an early interest in politics and philosophy. He attended UCLA and Harvard Law School, where he became involved in conservative student groups and began writing and speaking on political issues.

Since graduating from law school in 2007, Shapiro has become one of the most recognizable voices in conservative media, hosting his own radio show and podcast, appearing as a frequent guest on cable news programs, and publishing numerous books on politics and culture. He is known for his confrontational style and his willingness to take on controversial topics, including race, religion, and gender.

One of the key themes of Shapiro’s writing and commentary is a defense of traditional conservative values, including a belief in limited government, free markets, and individual rights. He is a strong advocate of the Second Amendment and opposes many progressive policies, such as affirmative action and government-mandated healthcare. He has also been a vocal critic of the left’s increasing influence on American culture, particularly in the areas of higher education and the media.

Shapiro has been praised by many on the right for his intelligence, articulate speaking style, and willingness to engage in heated debates with those who disagree with him. However, he has also been criticized by some for his controversial statements on a range of issues, including race, religion, and LGBT rights. In this essay, I will explore the various aspects of Shapiro’s career and his impact on American politics and culture.

Ben Shapiro Early Life and Education

Ben Shapiro was born in 1984 in Los Angeles, California, to a Jewish family. His father was a composer and his mother worked as an executive of a TV production company. He grew up in a conservative household and developed an early interest in politics and philosophy. He attended Yeshiva University High School of Los Angeles, a private Jewish day school, where he became involved in debate and public speaking.

After high school, Shapiro attended the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where he studied political science and graduated in 2004. While at UCLA, he became involved in conservative student groups and began writing for the student newspaper, The Daily Bruin. He also hosted his own conservative talk radio show on the campus radio station, which helped to establish his reputation as a conservative commentator.

After graduating from UCLA, Shapiro attended Harvard Law School, where he continued to write and speak on political issues. He became involved in the conservative student group the Federalist Society and served as the editor-in-chief of the Harvard Law Record. He graduated from Harvard Law School in 2007, at the age of 23, and immediately began working as a lawyer in Los Angeles.

Ben Shapiro Media Career

After a brief stint as a lawyer, Shapiro decided to pursue a career in media and began writing for conservative publications such as and Breitbart News. He also began appearing as a guest on cable news programs, such as Fox News and CNN, where he would often debate liberal commentators on issues such as gun control, immigration, and healthcare.

In 2012, Shapiro launched his own radio show, The Ben Shapiro Show, which airs on conservative talk radio stations across the country. The show has become one of the most popular conservative talk shows in the country and has helped to establish Shapiro as one of the leading voices in conservative media.

In addition to his radio show, Shapiro has also become a prolific podcaster, hosting his own podcast, The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special, which features long-form interviews with prominent conservative figures. He has also appeared as a guest on numerous other podcasts, including Joe Rogan’s popular show.



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