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Many remember the times when Brian Flores served as head coach for the Miami Dolphins. He had an uncanny talent for winning games and helped the Miami Dolphins secure many victories. Despite his talent, internal political turmoil led to his dismissal. 

With Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, and General Manager Chris Grier at odds with Brian Flores, the situation escalated into what resulted in the loss of one of the greatest head coaches in the history of the team. 

A Recap on the Lawsuit Brian Flores Brought Against the NFL 

What happened after the Dolphins fired Flores was even more dramatic as he proceeded to bring a lawsuit against the NFL for racial discrimination. In 2022, two additional NFL coaches joined Flores in his lawsuit against the NFL. Steve Wilks and Ray Horton voiced their support for the lawsuit by standing with Brian Flores. 

Steve Wilks was a previous head coach for the Arizona Cardinals. Mr. Wilk maintains that he was discriminatorily fired from his head coaching position with the Arizona Cardinals. Even worse, he was replaced by a candidate that had no previous NFL experience. 

Ray Horton was a defensive coordinator for the Titans. Ray Horton joined the lawsuit against the NFL because of an interview process with the Titans that he determined to be a sham. The Titans asked Ray Horton to come out to Nashville to interview for a head coaching position. The team passed him over for Mike Mularkey, who conceded that he knew he was chosen for the job before the other candidates had been interviewed.  

The sham interview was interpreted as a continuation of the same tired racially discriminatory hiring practices in the NFL that have been persisting unfashionably late in the game. As we enter 2023, there is no excuse to allow racial discrimination in the NFL.

While Brian Flores, Steve Wilks, and Ray Horton were wronged some years ago, the events serve as a reminder that we still have a lot of work to do in order to eradicate discrimination from professional sports.  

All three men have a reason to be upset with how their careers were handled by the NFL and by the discrimination that persists. While the final result of the lawsuit that Brian Flores brought against the NFL remains to be seen, we can already see a difference in their hiring practices.

Perhaps in response to the lawsuit, or perhaps not, the NFL went on a spree of filling positions with minority candidates. Each time the NFL gives a prestigious position to a minority candidate, it weakens the initial claim of the lawsuit. 

In the end, we may see a more racially inclusive NFL as they voluntarily make changes before the lawsuit can grow stronger and pick up momentum. Either way, minorities, and justice seem to be winning, and we have Brian Flores to thank for it. 

Arizona Cardinals Eye Brian Flores for Head Coaching Position

The Arizona Cardinals have extended a request to interview Brian Flores for a potential head coaching position. The question is, will the interview go the same way as the one that Ray Horton walked into? Or will it o a different way? Will the NFL take a different path, a new path? Even if they take Brian Flores on as head coach, there will be some who will question whether they did it just to lessen the blow of the racial discrimination lawsuit against the NFL. 

Practical-minded folks might even go as far as to say that the interview is simply another attempt to get a pass by complying with the Rooney Rule. Implemented in 2003, the Rooney Rule requires NFL teams to interview at least two external minority candidates for open coaching positions.

While cynics may balk at the authenticity of the NFL’s sentiments should they hire Flores as head coach of the Cardinals, it will be even more egregious if they don’t. If Brian Flores is not hired as head coach o the Arizona Cardinals, it will give credence to the basis of his suit.

Why We Need to Put an End to Racially Discriminatory Practices

It is time to put a stop to the racially discriminatory hiring practices that have been employed by many companies and organizations over an embarrassing number of years. Racial discrimination in the workplace denies qualified individuals the opportunity to work in a job they are qualified for.

Moreover, it denies them the chance to make a decent living, receive benefits, and advance their career. It also affects the morale of employees who do not feel accepted in the workplace.

Racial discrimination in hiring practices also perpetuates stereotypes and serves to divide. It makes members of minority groups feel unwelcome in certain positions and creates a sense of distrust.

This can lead to a lack of cooperation and collaboration, which can have a negative impact on productivity and employee morale. In addition, it can lead to a hostile work environment, which can be detrimental to a company’s reputation and its ability to attract and retain valuable employees.

It is critical for employers to recognize the importance of treating all job applicants and existing employees equally and fairly. 

Companies should establish policies that specifically prohibit any form of racial discrimination and cultivate a work culture that is inclusive and respectful of all employees. This includes providing training programs on diversity and inclusion, as well as ensuring that all employees feel safe and respected in their work environment. 

Businesses should also be open to feedback from their employees about racial discrimination and take steps to address any issues that may arise. By doing so, companies can create a more equitable and diverse workplace that values everyone for their contributions.

What happened to Brian Flores when he was fired from his head coaching position and essentially corralled serves as a strong reminder of how much farther we have to go to eliminate racial discrimination. Brian Flores has been unduly excluded from head coaching positions for nearly a year. In doing so, this has cost NFL teams many victories that they could have won under his leadership. 

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