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A heavy blow was dealt to fans of Miami Dolphins head coach, Brian Flores. He was recently fired and removed from his position as the head coach for one of the most popular NFL teams in the nation. Here’s what you need to know about why Brian Flores was fired and the power struggle behind his involuntary departure.     

The Story of Brian Flores

Born in Brooklyn New York with 4 siblings, Brian Flores was destined for greatness. His aptitude for the great sport that is football was noticed early on during his time on the high school football team. He eventually became a linebacker for the team at Boston College where he played from 1999 to 2003.

It was during his time on the Boston College football team that an incident occurred that would change the entire course of his athletic career. He sustained an injury while playing for the college team towards the end of his studies that erased any chance he had of becoming a professional football player. 

With any hope, he may have had of becoming being a professional football player cruelly dashed by an injurious twist of fate, he went on to become a scouting assistant for the New England Patriots after graduating from college. 

Several years later, he advanced to Pro Scout and worked his way up to Linebackers coach and Defensive play-caller. The New England Patriots did exceptionally well as they won Super Bowl XXXIX. 

By the time he was selected as head coach for the Miami Dolphins, it seemed as if all of his hard work had paid off.  

Team Politics Results in Ousting From the Team

Brian Flores maintained admirable performance throughout his career as head coach for the Miami Dolphins. Despite formidable statistics, Brian Flores was ultimately fired and removed from his position as head coach. 

The decision to fire Brian Flores came as a shock to many fans including several players. Some of the players voiced their opposition to the decision as they remained supportive of the former head coach. 

Dolphins player, Blake Ferguson indicated that he remains grateful to Brian Flores for taking a chance on him as a player. As head coach of the Miami Dolphins, Brian Flores did more than help the team win games, he changed lives. 

In many ways, Brian Flores represents the finest qualities in a head coach for a professional football team. While he may no longer be able to coach the Dolphins on the field, the values and lessons that he instilled will remain.

Brian Flores led the Dolphins for 3 seasons before succumbing to the fallout from an internal political battle with management that resulted in his dismissal. The numerous disagreements between Brian Flores and Stephen Ross, the owner of the Miami Dolphins contributed to a buildup of resentment that resulted in the decision to fire Flores. 

While there has been speculation indicating that the tension over the team’s quarterback led to the decision, nothing is certain. When asked about whether the Dolphins would keep Tua Tagovailoa on as their quarterback or not, Stephen Ross’s answer was contradicting. 

Although Mr. Ross spoke of his confidence in Tua Tagovailoa, he also showed signs of doubt as he kept insisting that the decision over the team’s quarterback would be up to the next head coach. 

It would appear that the decision to keep Tua Tagovailoa on as a quarterback or bring in someone else would be up to the successor of Brian Flores. That said, there has been talk about Stephen’s interest in Deshaun Watson of the Houston Texans. Mr. Watson is currently entangled in a web of legal troubles stemming from allegations of sexual harassment and assault. Curiously, Mr. Watson has dramatically refused to speak with Mr. Ross.

Brian Flores also clashed with Miami Dolphins General Manager, Chris Grier. As the relations between Flores, Ross, and Grier fell apart, his position as head coach collapsed. Although Brian Flores lost the power struggle, the team as a whole lost the most as they lost one of the most promising coaches in its recent history. 

Some have speculated that Stephen Ross wanted Brian Flores to lose games on purpose, something that Flores failed to do. Much of the outrage surrounding Flores being fired stems from the common sentiment that he was fired for winning so many games. This should be a wake-up call for all who haven’t fully grasped the politicization of professional football.  

What it Means for the Dolphins

With Brian Flores gone, the future of the Miami Dolphins is unclear. With Stephen Ross apparently intent on replacing Tua Tagovailoa yet failing to make inroads with Deshaun Watson, the future of the team rests on the skill and ability of their new head coach. 

If anything, the shocking dismissal of Brian Flores as head coach should serve to point out Stephen Ross’s poor leadership as the owner of the Miami Dolphins. One thing that’s for certain is the fact that Brian Flores left the Dolphins players in a good place with three victorious seasons.    

Where Is Flores Headed Next?

After being fired as head coach of the Miami Dolphins, it didn’t take long for the sharks to swarm as other teams have been interviewing Flores. He reportedly had an interview with the Chicago Bears and the Houston Texans

Additionally, the New York Giants have shown some interest in taking him on. Should they choose to hire Flores as head coach of the New York Giants, it would be a fateful decision that could alter the course of the team’s history. With a tragic record of 22 wins and 59 losses over the past five years, the Giants need all the help they can get. If there’s one thing that Flores was known for as head coach of the Dolphins, it’s winning.   

In conclusion, Brain Flores led the Miami Dolphins in a series of winning streaks while owner, Stephen Ross chose to whine about it by firing him as head coach. Any team would be lucky to have the skills and dedication to the game that Flores brings to the table. 

Stay tuned for updates!

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