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Charles Oliveira

Charles Oliveira, also known as “Do Bronx,” is a Brazilian mixed martial artist (MMA) who competes in the UFC’s lightweight division. Born on October 17, 1989, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Oliveira has made a name for himself as one of the most accomplished and exciting fighters in the sport. Let’s delve into his remarkable MMA career.

Oliveira began his professional MMA career in 2008 and quickly gained attention for his grappling skills and aggressive fighting style. He displayed exceptional talent on the ground, earning a reputation as a submission specialist with a diverse array of techniques in his arsenal.

In his early career, Oliveira fought for various regional promotions in Brazil, amassing an impressive record of victories. His success caught the attention of the UFC, and he made his promotional debut in August 2010 against Darren Elkins. Oliveira won the fight via submission in the first round, securing the victory with a rarely seen maneuver called the “calf slicer.”

Throughout his career, Oliveira has consistently showcased his submission prowess. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, he holds the record for the most submissions in UFC history, with an impressive total of 14 submission victories. His submission victories have come in various forms, including rear-naked chokes, guillotine chokes, anaconda chokes, and armbar submissions.

Despite his exceptional ground game, Oliveira faced some challenges as he moved up in competition. He experienced both victories and setbacks, demonstrating inconsistency in his performances. However, he continued to evolve as a fighter and improve his overall skill set.

In recent years, Oliveira has experienced a resurgence in his career. He has made significant improvements in his striking, displaying increased power and precision. Additionally, his conditioning and mental fortitude have been crucial factors in his success.

A defining moment in Oliveira’s career came on December 12, 2020, when he faced Tony Ferguson, a highly respected veteran in the UFC’s lightweight division. In a dominant performance, Oliveira showcased his complete skill set, outstriking and out grappling Ferguson en route to a unanimous decision victory. This win solidified Oliveira’s status as a top contender in the lightweight division.

Finally, on May 15, 2021, Oliveira had the opportunity to compete for the vacant UFC Lightweight Championship against Michael Chandler. In an impressive display of skill, Oliveira weathered an early storm from Chandler and secured a stunning TKO victory in the second round. With this victory, Oliveira became the new UFC Lightweight Champion, fulfilling a long-held dream.

Charles Oliveira’s MMA career is a testament to his determination, resilience, and continuous improvement. From his early days as a submission specialist to becoming the UFC Lightweight Champion, Oliveira has overcome obstacles and evolved as a complete mixed martial artist. His remarkable skills on the ground, coupled with his recent improvements in striking, make him an exciting fighter to watch as he defends his title and continues to compete at the highest level of the sport.

Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler is an American mixed martial artist who competes in the lightweight division. Born on April 24, 1986, in High Ridge, Missouri, Chandler has had a successful career in various MMA promotions, including Bellator MMA and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Chandler wrestled at the University of Missouri and was a two-time NCAA Division I All-American. After transitioning to MMA, he quickly rose through the ranks and made his professional debut in 2009. Chandler began his career fighting for regional promotions and amassed an undefeated record with several impressive victories.

In 2010, Chandler signed with Bellator MMA, where he made an immediate impact. He entered the Bellator Lightweight Tournament and became the Season 4 Lightweight Tournament Champion, defeating Marcin Held, Lloyd Woodard, and Patricky Freire. The highlight of the tournament was his incredible submission win over Held, which earned him the Bellator Lightweight Championship.

Chandler’s first title defense came against Eddie Alvarez, one of the most accomplished fighters in Bellator history. In a highly anticipated rematch, Chandler showcased his skills and resilience, winning a thrilling unanimous decision to retain his title. This fight is widely regarded as one of the greatest lightweight bouts in MMA history.

Over the years, Chandler defended his Bellator Lightweight Championship multiple times, facing notable opponents such as Rick Hawn, David Rickels, and Benson Henderson. He displayed a well-rounded skill set, combining powerful striking with strong wrestling and grappling abilities.

In 2020, after an impressive 10-year run with Bellator, Chandler made his long-awaited debut in the UFC. He faced Dan Hooker in the co-main event of UFC 257 in January 2021. Chandler wasted no time making a statement, knocking out Hooker in the first round with a powerful left hook. The victory earned him the Performance of the Night bonus and announced his arrival in the UFC’s lightweight division.

Chandler’s next fight was for the vacant UFC Lightweight Championship against Charles Oliveira at UFC 262 on May 15, 2021. Although Chandler showcased his power and aggression, he ultimately lost the fight via TKO in the second round. Nevertheless, his performance demonstrated his ability to compete at the highest level and solidified his position as a top contender in the UFC lightweight division.

Known for his explosive athleticism, knockout power, and relentless aggression, Chandler is an exciting fighter to watch. He possesses a strong wrestling base, powerful striking, and a well-rounded skill set that has garnered him respect in the MMA community. As he continues his career in the UFC, fans eagerly anticipate his future matchups and the possibility of him competing for the title once again.



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