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Maybe It’s Because CNN Producers Are Like Ten Thousand Years Old?

Maybe they just do not understand the internet or the modern distribution of information online? Maybe everyone at CNN has their heads up their pompous asses so far, that they never roll up their sleeves and do the tough digital work, of organizing the giant mess that they are currently running online?

CNN Politics YouTube PageThe only thing that’s for sure is that everything online needs to be completely reorganized at CNN. From the minute the content is created, to how fast it’s posted, and even where it’s posted. For instance, creating two YouTube pages is stupid it’s double the work for half the potential gains since the internet rewards bigger sites and pages as better content for its viewers. A bigger, well-organized, single YouTube channel is a lot better than multiple small ones. This is a mistake often made by old people pretending to be techies. Because to those who have no real-world experience in SEO or online distribution having multiple channels seems like a good way to organize.

But it actually creates more work for less reward. Also, think about it, often times people watch many YouTube videos in one sitting. So having everything on one big, well-organized, YouTube page helps your chances of keeping viewers on your page for multiple videos. You can also organize the videos of similar content into lists or funnels that will keep viewers engaged for a whole set of videos as opposed to just one. Plus with the many available page layout options on YouTube, you can have many categories on the homepage like the front page of a newspaper. So there really is no technical need or reason to create multiple pages on YouTube. Lastly, YouTube pays its creators so you will likely make less money spreading out your content between multiple pages. As well as create double the accounting work for yourself when you have to report all the income to your internal accounting and the IRS.

Someone must have realized this at CNN and put a stop to it. Now, this huge CNN Politics page that they created with 60,000 subscribers is sitting out here on the open web dead like the Titanic at the bottom of the YouTube ocean of content. It’s not that CNN tech is bad its that it is actually the worst in the entire news industry. CNN has the absolute best content, guests, and hosts they should be number one online in every possible category. But they literally make every mistake and move around the internet like a person with a blindfold on. There is little to no high-end tech thought, plan, or design to be seen anywhere in their online systems at all. When is the last time you shared an Anderson Cooper “Ridiculist” clip? What about a John Avlon “Reality Check” clip? How about a Don Lemon interview clip? That’s right never! When have you ever even seen one of these clips in your social media feeds? Never as well!

So You Really Have to Ask the Producers at CNN, What the Hell Are You Guys Doing?

The content that they spent millions producing does not even exist or show up online in any real way that is useful to progressives, activists, or news enthusiasts. Moreover, it’s costing them views and money to be this disorganized online. We need CNN to do better so that we can do better sharing their content, and fighting off the massive amount of disinformation online, that’s rotting our country from the inside out every single day.


Read How CNN Online Tech Botched The Release Of “Reality Check” Content Here.

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