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First Quarter: A Battle for Domination

In a highly anticipated college football match-up on October 21, Florida State emerged victorious against Duke 38-20 in a game that had fans on the edge of their seats. The clash between these two powerhouse teams delivered a spectacle of athleticism, strategic plays, and intense moments. The game kicked off with both teams displaying formidable defense and testing each other’s offensive capabilities. Duke’s quarterback Riley Leonard showcased his toughness by playing through injuries. While Duke’s offense scored early but Florida State’s defense remained resilient, preventing any significant breakthroughs. The first quarter set the tone for a closely contested match. Duke scored on a 42-yard touchdown run from Jaquez Moore, then made a 45-yard field goal from Todd Pelino making it a 10-0 1st quarter score. With 6:48 to go in the 1st quarter, Florida State went 13 plays 85-yards, when Jordan Travis completed a 7-yard touchdown pass  to Caziah Holmes making it 10-7 Duke at the end of the 1st quarter.

Second Quarter: Momentum Shifts both Ways

As the second quarter unfolded, Duke defense intercepted Jordan Travis and returned it 13-yards for the touchdown. Duke 17 Florida State 7. Very next play Florida State’s Deuce Span goes 99-yards for a kickoff return. Duke 17 Florida State 14. Both offense’s began to fine some rhythm. Both offenses executed well-designed plays, gaining crucial yardage and putting field goals on the board late in the 2nd quarter. Florida State’s offense went 6 plays 45-yards with the drive ending with a Ryan Fitzgerald 32-yard field goal. Duke, however, retaliated with a display of resilience, refusing to let Florida State’s shrink the lead any more, when Duke’s offense went 14 plays 58-yards, and Duke’s Todd Pelino made a 33-yard field goal giving Duke a 3 point lead into halftime. The second quarter concluded with the scoreboard reflecting a hard-fought battle. Duke 20 Florida State 17.

Third Quarter: Explosive Plays and Defensive Standoffs

The third quarter saw defense with both sides making plays. Florida State’s defense continued to apply pressure, causing disruptions in Duke’s offensive plays with Riley Leonard on the sideline dealing with injuries. Duke went for it on 4th down and 3-yards to go, coming up with an incomplete pass and turnover on downs. The scoreboard remained tight Duke 20 Florida State 17, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. Florida State’s offense however went on a 14 play 96-yard drive at the end of the 3rd quarte, that continued into the start of the 4th quarter.

Fourth Quarter: Florida State 3 TD’s Secures the Win

In the decisive fourth quarter, Florida State intensified its efforts, breaking through Duke’s defense and finally taking the lead. The 14 play drive ened with quarterback Jordan Travis ran for a 2-yard score, making it Duke 20 Florida State 24. Florida State’s defensive prowess proved to be the difference-maker in the 4th quarter. With Riley Leonard looking on from the sideline Florida State’s offense would score two more times. 7 plays 74-yards with the drive ending on a 21-yard touchdown pass from Travis to Lawrance Toafili. Then again when the Seminoles went 5 plays 32-yards, with Rodney Hill going for a 9-yard touchdown run making it Duke 20 Florida State 38. Duke fought valiantly until the final whistle, but Florida State’s lead was insurmountable.

Florida State Celebrates a Well-Earned Victory

The game concluded with Florida State emerging as the victor, showcasing their resilience, skill, and determination. Fans celebrated the hard-fought win, and the players left the field knowing they had participated in a memorable college football clash. Florida State’s quarterback Jordan Travis finished with 268 passing yards 2 TD’s, with 62 rushing yards 1 TD.


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