Cigars have been enjoyed on an international level for centuries. These premium hand-rolled products have cast their big shadow on the planet and nobody minds. However, just because people throughout the world enjoy them, it doesn’t mean that every in the world will have the highest quality of cigars. When you think of places famous for cigars, Cuba most definitely comes to mind. This is of course correct as the best of all, but there are plenty more areas that have cigars of premium quality and are sought-after on an international level.




Nicaraguan cigars are some of the highest quality products in the world. Most people seem to refer to them as the closest representative to the Cuban cigars. This is due to the similarities in body, aroma and the full-bodied flavors they possess. Also, Nicaragua is a very unique area to grow this cigar tobacco. Much of their terrain has a combination of nutrients from volcanic soil giving them a very unique flavor that many people love throughout the world.


Dominican Republic


Cigars that are made in the Dominican Republic have been smoked for centuries. In fact, their tobacco was the first of its kind to be used for the crafting of cigars! Their high-quality products are made with the finest of all kinds of filler tobacco and only wrapper tobacco of pristine condition.




Like Nicaragua, Mexico also has areas that are filled with volcanic soil. Within the San Andreas region you will find some of the most potassium rich soil that will give you some very high-quality full-bodied tobacco. Tobacco use has been traced back to the Mayans in this region and for good reason.




Within Honduras, you will find tobacco farms that produce very strong and earthy tobacco. Most of the country uses Cuban seed and these areas have some of the most fertile soil in the world. That combined with the perfect climate for growing any type of tobacco, its understandable why this place is renowned for their cigars.

As you can see, there are many countries throughout the world that have a stance in the cigar world on an international level. However, Cuba is still the king of it all with their infamous Cuban cigars being requested by the highest of notions. You can find cigars from many nations at the best smoke shop around, Cuban Crafters.