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The coronavirus pandemic has caused much of the world to almost completely shut down. Many places businesses are now out of use and are being done from home. A lot of this has caused people to sit at home and due to this, gas emission has lowered tremendously. In fact, according to Nature Climate Change, emissions have fell around 10% – 30%. This is incredible. However, it is almost safe to say that this won’t last too long after the pandemic has ended.


How Much did People Begin to Reduce Their Emissions?


You have to think about it. At least at first, almost everyone in the United States was quarantined to their homes. They were told not to leave unless under emergency circumstances. This alone makes it so most of the country isn’t traveling or using gasoline to power their vehicles for travel. Google’s mobility data has shown that around four billion people had reduced their amount of travel by around 50 percent. These statistics are from April only. This year’s gas emission percentages are going to drop by a very large amount.


What can People do to Lower their Gas Emissions?


Lowering gas emissions has now been a goal of countries all over the world for a long time. In fact, the United States has recently begun many large solar energy products to reduce the amount of fossil fuels and emissions on the environment. The longer these restrictions on travel and businesses being open are in place, then the gas emission percentages for the year will continue to plummet. This will help our environment. However, its not enough for it to permanently effect climate change. Switching to an electric vehicle also helps the climate quite a bit.

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