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While Amanda Nunes is primarily known for her incredible achievements as a fighter, her contributions to helping UFC President Dana White grow the UFC are often not mentioned.

Nunes’ historic accomplishments inside the Octagon have undoubtedly contributed to the UFC’s success and popularity. As one of the most dominant and exciting fighters, Nunes has helped draw attention to the women’s divisions in the UFC. Her fights have been eagerly anticipated and have attracted a significant fan base, helping to elevate the profile of women’s MMA and generating more interest and revenue for the UFC.

Nunes’ marketability and status as a two-division champion have also been valuable for the UFC in terms of promoting its brand and events. She has been featured prominently in promotional materials, press conferences, and media appearances, showcasing her skills and drawing attention to the organization. Nunes’ success has demonstrated the UFC’s commitment to providing equal opportunities for women in the sport and has helped attract new fans, sponsors, and media coverage.

Additionally, Nunes’ personal journey and openness about her sexuality have also had a positive impact on the UFC. By being an openly gay athlete, Nunes has become an inspiration to many, showing that diversity and inclusivity are important values within the organization. Her visibility has helped foster a more inclusive and accepting environment within the sport and has helped break down barriers for LGBTQ+ athletes in MMA.

While Nunes’ role in helping Dana White row the UFC may not be directly tied to administrative or executive decisions, her incredible talent, success, and influence as a fighter have undoubtedly contributed to the growth and popularity of the organization.



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