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In a first ever Black Friday matchup, the Miami Dolphins emerged victorious over the New York Jets 34-13 in a game filled with interesting plays and some forgettable moments. The Dolphins showcased their prowess on both ends of the field, securing a well-deserved division win.

The Game

From the kickoff, the Dolphins set the tone by taking an early 10-0 lead. The Dolphins near the end of the first quarter, went 6 plays 36-yards with kicker Jason Sanders making a 38-yard field goal. Miami’s offense then went 11 plays 60-yards with Tyreek Hill  catching a 7 yard pass from Tua Tagovailoa for the score giving Miami a 10-0 lead. Things get interesting near the end of the second quarter when both defenses shone bright under the Friday night lights. Three interceptions in the last 58 seconds of the first half. Miami’s quarterback Tua Tagovailoa threw an interception to Jets defender Brandin Echols for a 30-yard interception returned for a touchdown. 6 plays later Tua throws another interception with two seconds in the first half, giving the Jets offense one last attempt at scoring a touchdown. Jets quarterback Tim Boyle throws a hail-Mary at the end of the half and Dolphins defender Jevon Holland goes 99-yards for a Interception return for a touchdown to end the first half with a 17-6 lead.

Second Half

The Dolphins defense set the tone of the second half, stifling the Jets attempts to gain momentum. The Dolphins special teams got on the board in the third quarter with Jason Sanders making a 54-yard field goal with a perfectly executed field goal, making it Dolphins 20 Jets 6. The Dolphins ability to capitalize on every facet of the game highlighted their comprehensive approach to securing the win. Dolphins running back Raheem Mostert went 13 -yards for a touchdown to start the fourth quarter giving Miami a 27-6 lead. A interception by Dolphins defender Jerome Baker showcased the determination and resilience of the Dolphins defense. The defensive unit, spearhead by Christian Wilkins 2 sacks, proved to be a formidable force, leaving the Jets struggling to find their footing. The Jets offense would score when Boyle completed a pass short right to Garrett Wilson for a 1-yard touchdown. Dolphins 27 Jets 13. With 3:35 to go in the game, Dolphins running back Mostert goes for 34-yards for a touchdown run making it Dolphins 34 Jets 13.

Final Whistle

While the Jets fought valiantly, the Dolphins cohesive performance ultimately secured their triumph in this first ever Black Friday clash. The victory not only marked a significant moment in the Dolphins season but also added an extra layer of excitement to the tradition of Thanksgiving weekend football. As the final whistle blew, Dolphins players erupted in celebration, savoring the sweet taste of victory on this special Black Friday game. The teams performance not only showcased their skill and determination but also left fans eagerly anticipating what lies ahead in the remainder of the football season.


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