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Donald Trump Has Sent A Letter In His Own Defense To The January 6th Committee

So we all kind of wondered how former President Donald Trump was handling the January 6th Committee Hearings. As well as all the other legal issues currently circling him like vultures ready to capitalize on a carcass. Well, it turns out he is not taking it very well at all. After the January 6th committee voted to subpoena him on live TV. Donald Trump responded in epic fashion. By sending the committee a 14-page letter! It is not clear at this time who actually wrote the letter. 14 pages does seem like a lot for the ole Cheesburger in Chief to write himself. But, it did ramble on about crowd size, so then again maybe he did write it or more likely dictated it to some unlucky intern.

Trump Actually Sent in Picture of His Crowd Size at The Stop the Steal Rally Along With His Letter

That’s right, you can’t even make this stuff up people. Trump sent in pictures of the crowd at his Stop the Steal rally and bragged about the size of the rally which later turned into an insurrection on the United States Capitol Building. He then went down his normal laundry list of grievances including his big election lie and of course all of his problems with Democrats. All before his grand finale and the most Trump thing you will ever hear, he complained about the ratings of the hearings! He literally complained about the ratings of the hearings accusing him of instigating an attack on our Capitol. Wrap your head around that my fellow Americans! Most people would be thrilled if no one watched the hearings that implicated them in crimes. Not this guy though! This former leader of the free world is mad if everyone doesn’t watch his hearings!

Oh, he was also lying about that by the way…

I looked it up and the January 6th Hearings actually got great ratings and had millions of viewers.

In the Letter, Donald Trump Did Not Say if He Would or Would Not Testify Infront of the Committee.

The January 6th Committee subpoenaed former President Trump on October 14th, 2022.


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