For some reason, fat people are very entertaining to those who aren’t quite so portly. This is evident by the amount of “fat GIFs” that are out there. They are even broken down into sub-categories. We decided that the fat people dancing category will always put a smile on faces. That being said…enjoy!

This guy makes Odell Beckham Jr. look like Stephen Hawking.

Courtesy of GIPHY and @cheezburger


This guy has the belly, the hair AND the Speedo!

Courtesy of GIPHY and @wifflegif


The original Hollywood Fat Kid…CHUNK!

Courtesy of GIPHY and @gingerninja1995


She’s not dancing…but she’s killing those jumping jacks!

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Let’s cap this off with Uncle Phil doing those Night Moves that get all the ladies.

Courtesy of GIPHY and @nickatnite