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I am a writer, blogger, podcaster, jew, asshole, and highly intelligent mammalian lifeform. Actually, I just really like the word 'mammalian'. I have interviewed rapper/entertainer Dirt Nasty, world-famous DJ Irie, custom bike builder Eddie Trotta, art con-man Chad LOVE Leiberman, and sports talk radio icon Sid Rosenberg. My opinions offend. My words sting. I can't help it. Maybe I wasn't loved enough. You now reap the rewards of my biting commentary.

Five Fatty Fatty Dance GIFs

Five Fatty Fatty Dance GIFs

For some reason, fat people are very entertaining to those who aren't quite so portly. This is evident by the amount of "fat GIFs" that are out there. They are even broken down into sub-categories. We decided that the fat people dancing category will always put a...

DJ Khalid GIF

DJ Khalid GIF

Check out these funny gifs from DJ Khaled. They are hysterical. #repostgiphyDJKhaled G