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Owls Basketball

#13 Florida Atlantic emerged victorious against Liberty 83-58 in a college basketball showdown. The atmosphere was electric as both teams showcased their skill and determination on the court. The Owls demonstrated their prowess from the outset, displaying a cohesive and strategic offense approach. The Owls offense was relentless, with players maneuvering skillfully to create scoring opportunities.

The Game

Florida Atlantic executed a well-coordinated offense, putting up 44 points in the first half breaking through Liberty’s defense and giving them a 17 point lead at the half. The cheers from the crowd echoed the Owls accomplishments, creating momentum shift in their favor. The second half became a showcase of skill, determination, and sportsmanship, captivating spectators with every shot, pass, and scoring attempt. Liberty fought valiantly in the second half, launching a offensive attack and testing the Owls defense.

Final Whistle

The Owls were lead by Alijah Martin’s 20 points 6 rebounds and 3 steals. Vladislav Goldin had 18 points 7 rebounds and 2 block shots as well. Owls Johnell Davis had a off night going 0-7 from the floor. As the final whistle blew, signaling the end of the competition, Florida Atlantic emerged as the triumphant team. The players celebrated their hard fought victory, reflecting the dedication and effort they had invested in their training and preparation.


This victory not only adds to FAU’s success in the current basketball season but also highlights the competitive nature of collegiate sports. The athletes commitment to excellence and their ability to perform under pressure showcased the caliber of talent in these two esteemed university teams. As the college basketball season progresses, fans eagerly anticipate more thrilling matchups, hoping for similar displays of skill, passion, and sportsmanship. Florida Atlantic’s triumph over Liberty will undoubtedly be remembered as a defining moment in their journey.

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#13 Florida Atlantic beats Charleston 90-74

This college basketball matchup on December 2nd, the Owls emerged victorious against Charleston in a game filled with remarkable highlights. Florida Atlantic’s offensive prowess was on full display in the second half as they executed strategic plays, securing a lead with 9 minutes to go in the game.

First Half

Charleston, however, didn’t back down easily. The game featured intense back and forth moments, with Charleston making impressive defensive stops and capitalizing on the offensive end of the court. The duel between the two teams created an electric atmosphere, captivating fans both in the arena and watching from home. Charleston showcased their three-point shooting proficiency, sinking crucial shots from beyond the arc making eleven three’s. The teams cohesive play and effective ball movement kept FAU’s defense on its toes as Charleston was up 46-40 at halftime.

Second Half Comeback

The Owls resilience in the face of Charleston’s challenges underscored their determination to secure a comeback victory. Florida Atlantic’s standout players delivered standout performances, contributing not only in scoring but also in key defensive plays. Johnell Davis had 24 points 10 rebounds 3 assists 3 steals. Vladislav Goldin had 17 points 12 rebounds and 3 blocks. Back to back layups by Johnell Davis gave the Owls a 65 -57 lead with 9 minutes to go in the game. The Owls went on a 20-8 run over the final minutes of the game securing the comeback victory.


The crowd erupted in cheers as Florida Atlantic sealed the win in the final minutes, capping off a memorable evening of college basketball. The December 2nd clash will undoubtedly be remembered for its high-flying dunks, sharpshooting, and the competitive spirit displayed by both teams. As the season progresses, this thrilling encounter will serve as a defining moment for the Owls and a resilient effort by Charleston.


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